YouTube Video Syndication Feature Added To BlogEngage Membership Accounts

Do you remember about a week ago I wrote a blog post about BlogEngage Get’s A Makeover and I had talked about how easy it was to now submit content and how the whole social site is more mobile responsive? Well, a few days after that blog post, I got an email (mass email sent to clients) from the BlogEngage owner about a new feature added.

YouTube Video Syndication” was the feature that was added.

The following membership accounts have this feature included in the package at no extra costs:

  • Platinum
  • Business
  • Business Plus
  • Direct to Front Page with Feature

You need to first check out the different membership packages and the features you will get on the RSS Syndication page. Keep in mind, this is a membership social network in which no spam is allowed, if anyone is caught sending spam content or spamming the community, your membership will be terminated without notice. Serious bloggers should grab an account. Several times a year, there are contests on BlogEngage and some are cash prize’s with a free membership account and some are just cash prize’s with other perk’s.

One example of a new contest that just started on Nov. 1st 2013 is described on the official blog, you still have time to join this contest: Win $50 USD and 5 Free Blog Engage Accounts

Details of YouTube Syndication Feature

Your YouTube videos will be syndicated across all of BlogEngage’s platforms. What is good about this feature is that your videos will be live in real-time and added into your posts which allows people to watch your video’s and easy access to your YouTube page where you must have more video’s up. This is free advertising for your YouTube video’s on top of the other advertising that you do on your own for your video’s. The more advertising, the better off you will be. More video views and subscribers equals more traffic and converts if your video is marketing a product or general advice leading the viewer to subscribe to your list..etc

The YouTube Syndication feature from BlogEngage is free with the membership accounts above that I mentioned. The membership price’s did not change when this feature was added which is great stuff. I have been a BlogEngage member for a long time it seem’s and the owner is always doing good things to the social community and will help any member out with questions. Lot’s of famous bloggers use BlogEngage daily to submit their own content, if you don’t believe me then check out there “Top Publishers” and “Top Contributors” user’s on the homepage in the side column.

Can’t Afford Membership Package?

Check out this link to get an Free account on BlogEngage. This is new actually, been around for almost a year but yet not to many people notice the link on the membership page way at the bottom. If you join BlogEngage, please add “Snakeair” to your friend’s list. I would be happy to accept your friend request if you joined through my link.

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