Without Reliable Data, All of Your SEO Efforts Are Useless

It would be next to impossible to spend any time at all in the SEO world and not be completely and totally surrounded by people pushing the latest and greatest tools and tactics to completely change your online business – it’s just the nature of the beast. But the fact of the matter is that while these are critical components to any online business effort and key pieces to the puzzle, the fact remains that they are next to useless if you aren’t collecting the data and information about their results and using them to fine tune and adjust your efforts.

The most important thing you can do to boost the results of your SEO efforts has absolutely nothing to do with the tactics, tools, or software and everything to do with data

It’s almost too easy to be suckered into the master marketer’s promise of hitting the easy button and getting all kinds of instant results – after all, that’s what the web is all about. Everything we do online has an instant and immediate effect, but we need to remember that there is nothing that will come right out of the box and build a business for us. Sure, these SEO tools and programs will play a major role in getting us where we want to be (after all, without them we wouldn’t be able to collect the data we need), but they will still need to be tweaked and refined to get us the kinds of outcomes we are pushing for.

And that’s the most important aspect of any SEO push – getting the raw data, regardless of what it says – and pushing forward to make decisions. Without the data we are driving in the dead of night without headlights. And though we might make a couple of moves that pushed us towards where we were going, we would make a number of incorrect calls that would throw us farther and farther off course.

Every move you make in the world of SEO should be backed up first by real and concrete information that you have access to – it’s one thing to follow what the crowd is saying is working and something else entirely when your data is pointing to other conclusions

When you can base all of your decisions on actual and real life data, you can almost completely tune out all of the so-called SEO experts that populate our community. You know who I’m talking about – the SEO keyboard jokey that has never actually set up or run a campaign but is almost all too happy to offer endless advice about what you need to do to move towards your goals. When you can fall back on your numbers you are looking at reality itself – there is no bias, nothing to misunderstand, nothing to get confused about – and you’ll be able to make the perfectly correct adjustment every single time to unleash a flood of targeted traffic. Nothing is more important in the SEO – and business – world than data and information.



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