Simple Means to Minimize Monthly Expenses

With the volatility of the economy, it is always a smart move to save some bucks. For the many, saving money is quite difficult since there are plenty of bills to be settled every month. Maybe this is true; but, cutting back expenses in order to help your monetary aspect is very feasible. All you need to do is closely monitor and scrutinize your expenses to determine how to start.

Keep in mind that reducing your expenses does not really imply getting rid of your social life and recreation. It simply means you need to take time to budget your money and practice simple ways to lessen the overall expenses. Sounds hard? Here are some techniques that might help you get started.

  • Cut back utility bills – A big part of the monthly expenses goes to the utility cost including the water and electricity. While it is impossible to live without these necessities, you can do a few steps to lessen the cost. For instance, when nobody is using the room, it is advisable to turn off the lights. Or, during daytime when your house has big windows, you can just open them to let the natural lights come in instead of using electric lights.
  • Set budget for groceries – Most people go to the grocery store and pick the stuff they need. But chances are, they’ll grab other things that caught their attention even if they don’t really need it. And the usual result is paying big sum of cash for the grocery items. Lay down a budget for your grocery. List down all the things that you need and the quantity you can consume for a week and a half. When you have a list, it is much easier to decide which part of the store you will head to.

With a list of the items you need, you can avoid passing by those racks with products that might just tempt you to purchase them.

  • Be creative concerning social activities – Do you usually go out every weekend to dine out with your friends? Instead of having your dinner in fancy restaurants, invite your friends in your house and cook some foods. If you really have to eat outside, look for restaurant with special offers or with affordable rates. Rather than going to the movie theater once a week, you can just buy your own DVDs or CDs of the movie you like. The key element is to minimize not to eliminate.
  • Look for alternatives for your luxuries – Many people spend much on their what so-called as “luxuries”. These things are not really necessities but people still allot money for these items such as magazines, books, makeups, nail polishes etc. Cut your budget for these indulgences. Refrain from going to the salon every day. You can style your own hair at home or you can look for those salon with promotional offers and discounts. Instead of buying your own magazine, you can check out whatever you want to know on the web.

A lot of books now have electronic versions. And so, you can read e-book rather than purchasing one. Do you love to shop for new clothes? Check out which stores are having sale. Surely, you can save a considerable amount of cash from sale.

  • Limit credit – Are you using credit card when purchasing things? Try to limit your usage of credit card for purchases. It should only be for important things. How can you do this? It’s very simple – avoid bringing your card when going out. The best way to cut back your credit card debt is getting in touch with your credit card provider to request for lower interest rates.

There are some other basic strategies you can do to cut off the burden in your financial aspect. All it takes is a strong self-discipline. You’ll be surprise to see great changes in your bills in a month.


  1. says

    Most of the times Expenses are increased by means of High Luxury and it leads to Great amount of crefit because if one cannot fullfill his/her luxury needs he/she tends to borrow money from others which increases expenses more. Thanks for giving such nice post

    • Ashley says

      So true Ravi. People are always tempted to spend more than what they can afford specially on things they don’t really need. As a result, they face big financial problem. Being wise in terms of finance is a key element to avoid being broke all the time :D

  2. says

    I spend to much around the holidays and on family birthday’s. Sorta forget I have online bills to pay (ex. hosting, membership, advertising..etc).

    Thanks for the blog post Ashly.

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