Premium WordPress Themes

Getting tired of the default WordPress theme that you is using or the pre-made theme that doesn’t “wow” you or your visitors? It’s time to put your blog on the map with a premium theme. Lot’s of people create WordPress blogs in all kinds of niche’s for all kinds of reason’s. If you is serious about your blog, you need to get a theme that fit’s your niche and really puts you in the driver seat as in features and looks.

Some of the themes mentioned below have theme options built into the theme. This basically mean’s you can do more designing yourself by enabling or disabling certain features, modifying your style.css template and other templates to add other features to the theme. This might make you have to remove plugins that are no longer needed as features may have been built into the theme.

Be sure to check out all the StudioPress HTML 5 WordPress themes. Everyone is mobile responsive out of the box. The business’s below do have mobile responsive ones but not all will.

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Premium Themes For Self Hosted WordPress Blogs