Premium Web Directories

Submitting your website, blog, forum or any other type of website to quality web directories can impact your website forever. Being an ex-directory owner I know having your link on some web directories can bring you a little traffic and get a quality link on a well maintained web directory. The following list of web directories I’m going to list on this page I do recommend for you to submit to.

Don’t just submit to any old web directory without looking up its stat’s to make sure it is not banned by Google. You want to get your money’s worth when submitting to a paid web directory. Please note that there are some free web directories out there that are not filled with spam but they are hard to find. Most free directories don’t last that long because the owner doesn’t spend the time keep up with approving/reviewing listings and making other adjustments when necessary.

Quality Directory Checklist Tips

  • Submission Guidelines – If they have no guidelines then you know the owner doesn’t care about his or her directory.
  • Latest Links – Look at the latest links or popular links tab and see if the titles and descriptions make sense and not keyword stuffed..etc
  • Ads – If the directory has Adsense slapped up all over it. Don’t submit to that directory. A quality directory don’t use Adsense ads at all
  • Domain – check the domain to see if it’s a dropped domain. Some folks purchase high PR domains slap up a directory and ask for paid submissions. They lose their rank on next update or just sell the directory and steal your money

There are more tips to look for in a quality web directory but if you use common sense and look around the directory, you’d know that it is a good one to list your website on. I’m going to mention mostly paid directories below since these are the ones that the owners actually care about each listing submitted and give you your bang for your buck.