Polished to Perfection: Why Successful Businesses Leave Logo Design to the Pros

Some business owners believe that they can design their own logo. On the surface, it may seem like a simple endeavour, but paying a professional designer is well worth the investment. Here are four reasons why you should hire a professional designer to help you create your logo.

You might think that a logo is just a pretty, little picture that accompanies your company name, but this is not true. A logo is not just some pretty image. A logo acts as a representative for your business, and it needs to accurately reflect your business. Good designers specialize in analysing your business competition and coming up with something that makes your business stand out. So, if you want to make a good first impression, you must hire a professional to create your logo. You certainly would not want your company to seem amateur.

It Must Be Unique

Speaking of designers looking at other logos, the other thing a designer does is make sure the logo they create for you is unique. This is vitally important because, legally, a business cannot have the same logo as another business. Even if it is only by accident, you could be held legally culpable if you are using a logo that looks too much like the logo of another business. Worse yet, if you design the logo yourself, you may not know all the ins and outs of how to legally register a logo. Without the necessary legalities taken care of to protect your new logo, it is possible for someone to come and steal your company’s logo right out from under you.

To Be Used on A Wide Array Of Mediums

Another reason to have a professional take care of your logo is the fact that logos need to be extremely versatile. At this point, you may be thinking of a sign, business cards, and maybe a letterhead. Perhaps you believe that if the logo works on all these that it is probably good enough. A designer does not stop there. Your logo must work on anything that will come off a printing press or that can be designed digitally. They will preview the logo they create for you in multiple formats and sizes. Yes, for now you may only be using your logo for a business card or a sign, but, as your business grows, you might find yourself wanting to use it on everything from tiny price tags to billboards. A good design maintains its legibility regardless of size.

Keep The Ego Out Of Logo

The last thing you should be aware of when designing a logo is that this is not ‘your’ logo. It is your business’s logo. However, it’s hard to emotionally separate yourself from something you have personally created and invested in. Letting a professional take care of creating the design frees you up to look at your logo objectively so that you can access the logo in a fair and honest way. Some of the things to consider when looking at a logo are: does it communicate your message, does it communicate to your target audience, and will this logo work for the purposes of both the present and the future?

Ultimately, a professional logo design can be the delineating factor between success and failure in marketing. Hiring a graphic designer to create a logo is just like hiring any other skilled worker to carry out a specialized task. Similar to how you might hire a plumber to perform preventive maintenance, a good designer’s job is to solve marketing problems for your business before they ever occur. Not hiring a pro the first time around is a sure way to waste your valuable time and money.



Tom Grant is an entrepreneur consultant. He frequently writes about the latest tips for startups on entrepreneurial blogs.
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