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You have just arrived on the Newbiz’s contribute page. This blog is open up to anyone who wish’s to submit their motivating and informative blog posts everyday of the week. Originality is what we are looking for in the blog posts.

It’s free to join as a member and contribute your blog posts each and everyday. Keep in mind that all of the blog posts and most of the comments are manually reviewed before being approved. We are trying to keep this a quality and resourceful blog to browse around and not have a bunch of junk not useful to webmasters worldwide.

The Benefits Of Writing For The Newbiz blog

This blog get’s a lot of repeat visitors each week and new visitors as well. Get connected with new webmasters or even client’s with writing blog posts for Newbiz. All of the blog posts will be shared to the social networking websites by myself and anyone else who happens to come across the blog post who wish’s to share it with their followers. It is not that hard to get a blog post published on this blog. There is only a few simple rules to follow.

Take a look below for the general guidelines to follow if you wish to write blog posts for us.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Updated June. 16th, 2013

  • Content must be in English. Use Google Translate to convert language into English
  • I am looking for blog posts and not articles
  • Select 1 category for each blog post. If you select 2 or more categories for a blog post, you proved that you avoided the submission guidelines and the blog post will be removed. If you submit to the wrong category, the blog post will be removed as well.
  • No adult language, nudity, pharmacy Ads, ads about Viagra or gamble related content/links. This blog is PG13 content. Think about this when writing a blog post.
  • You may post images within the blog post just as long as you give credit to where you got the image from. If it’s from your own camera then the rights are your’s. Please host the images yourself if possible.
  • If you do not have a image added to your registered email address, your blog post will now be rejected and account removed. It is important to add a face or company logo behind your content.
  • Proofread your blog post before submitting it for review. There is a feature called Proofread in your post window when writing a blog post. This is like your own grammar checker. Use it to increase your chance of getting your ad approved. Fix any HTML errors or anything else before submitting for review.
  • Adding author bio line inside the blog post will get the blog post deleted, I’ve stated that we have an author section built into each account so please use it. This isn’t an article directory but a blog. Write for the audience.

What’s Included With My Account?

  • Author Bio Section: Fill in your profile to have all the author bio information show under your posts. Not filling in your author bio section will get your blog post deleted. This proves to me you don’t care about entering your business information. I am using the same plugin that is using.
  • Customize SEO settings: Newbiz use’s the YOAST SEO plugin so you can make sure your blog post is SEO optimized yourself.
  • Avatars: This is important if you want your picture next to your name in the author bio and comment section, add an avatar by using Add the image to the email address that you used to register on this blog. (Give 48 hours for changes to show). Starting on 11/5/2013 if a user submits a blog post with no gravatar image or avatar, the blog post will be deleted and your account. Prove to me, you is a real human and follow directions if you want to contribute to this blog for a very long time.

Once you have an account, please feel free to write as many blog posts as you want each week. There is no quota to keeping your account on this blog. If I find out you have submitted duplicate content, your account and blog posts could be removed without notification.

Please try to reply to any blog comments that are posted in your blog post. Comments are set to be moderated but I check them several times a day to approve any. Internal linking is encouraged but not required.

How Do I Get Started?

That’s the million dollar question right?

Click on this link to become a member. It is strongly recommended that you register with your domain email address. Certain email domains are banned by default on this blog do to spammers.

Newbiz Advertising Blog has full rights to remove your credits and links/blog post at any given time or for violating our posting guidelines listed above.

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