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Do you like to promote Clickbank products every now and then but just not making any money with the type of product that you promote? Have you heard about CBpro Ads before? I have been a member since 2008 but stopped promoting this site in 2011 online and once and awhile get a commission or a new downline member. Must be the links I have online that was never deleted by that website owner.

Proof Of My Commissions and Down Line Members

To prove what I have made so far since becoming a not so active member (FYI, I have LIFETIME PRO account), take a look at the following images.


The remaining money in the screenshot is what I need to earn to reach the $30 payout thresh-hold. If one of my free members upgrades their account I will be over that for sure. Let’s get to how many people I have in my downline before I talk about money to be made off CBpro Ads.

and here is the last of when I referred someone:

Since I don’t actively promote CBpro ad’s anymore online, I have not really made a commission in the last 6 month’s. It could be that my FREE downline members just not even active anymore.

Yes, 87 people in my downline is a lot of people and if all of them was active (free members) in promoting their niche storefront and affiliate link, I’d be earning money off of them because they are a free member. Here is why I would earn money off active free members:

As a Pro Member, 50% of the Clickbank products listed on CBpro ads (down lines nichestores) will have my Clickbank ID attached to them. This means if someone buys a product from one of my free downline members storefront, I could earn 50% commission off the free members sale. That’s one way I could earn money for doing nothing but getting free members.

Another way I would earn money is if the free member upgrades to a pro account which is a lifetime account, I will earn 50% commission off that upgrade price. Now if the member upgrades their account to a pro account, I will then never earn commission’s off them again. That’s the downside to your downline upgrading to a Pro Account but still money in your pocket’s.

What’s with this StoreFront You mentioned?

When you join as a free member or a PRO member, you will get a clickbank store or they call it a Niche Storefront that can be customized a little by yourself and even host on your own domain. To explain more about this and CBpro Ads in general, take a look at the video below.

This site does payout on time when you request a payout. You will get your payment within 5 days as that’s the longest I’ve had to wait when I requested a payout. Now I have not done this in a while so not sure if it’s under 5 days or not. There are 2 different WordPress plugins available for your blog. Makes it easier to promote CBPro ad’s.

It will cost you nothing when you join as a free member. If you like what you see once in the member dashboard, you have the option of upgrading your account with a one time payment like I did a long time ago. You can even create a google Adsense type of ad block but the content will be only Clickbank products and you can choose the niche’s for the ad’s content. I’ve tried this once on my forum before I sold it and made some sales. Made a few sales actually and exceeded my adsense income I made in 3 month’s.

It’s the time of the year where weight loss products, gaming system products and even health living style products will get a large spike in sales as people are shopping online for good deals on things or looking to drop some pounds. After New Years eve people tend to make resolutions to lose weight or quit smoking so they search online and buy stuff. Few weeks later they give up on it but you already cashed in on them. That’s how the end of the year makes affiliate marketers good money. Promote what people are in need of.

I was on a website I have not visited in a few years and checked my latest articles and found an add I created for CBpro Ads and thought I’d look into getting active again with them. As a Pro member I can email all my free members in my downline but the catch is you can not-self promote or post links in the email or will lose your account. I would just mention to them the benefits of promoting their URL and give some marketing types to do so. Hopefully that get’s them to upgrade or get active so I can make money off of them.

Let me know if you join and have had any success after a few week’s. There more to this website if you just look at the homepage or contact support.

Derek Price

Derek Price

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