Vacation – To Work Or Not To Work?

Have you ever took a family vacation or a vacation in general from your job but still logged into your email account or website to check on things? I know I have done this and each time I tell myself that this is the last time I will do this and actually put the laptop down till my vacation is over but that never happen’s. In the back of my mind I am always worrying that my website might go down or hacked so I want to login to check on some things.

Of course when you login to your website or email account you typically fall back into your routine and beginning working for a bit. After a few minutes you remember that you is supposed to be on vacation and not working.

How can we put our blog’s on autopilot while we is away on vacation?

Should be logon to our blogs for a few minutes and email accounts while on vacation?

I am going to answer the 2 questions above with my opinion.

Putting Blog on AutoPilot

Get this, I leave for my family vacation tomorrow and that is the reason for this type of blog post. On the self hosted WordPress blogs, you have some options in setting up your blog to be on autopilot with you having to login maybe 3 or 4 times that week to approve blog comments or even some guest blog posts if you wish to read them and do your normal process with them.

The one feature that I will be using is the “scheduled posts” feature. I will have a few blog posts written by myself already and scheduled to go live on certain dates while I am gone. The reason behind this is that you need fresh content on your blog to get the search engine bot’s to stop by and index stuff. Also this let’s your visitors know that you didn’t abandon the blog as a week without a blog post is very unusual on this blog. In case you never used the “scheduled” blog post feature on WordPress, look at the screenshot below. It’s easy to figure out.


The benefit to scheduling future blog posts is that it’ll give you lot’s of free time to focus on marketing those blog posts elsewhere or focus on behind the scenes stuff. I can think of many reason’s why scheduling future blog posts will benefit yourself. The biggest thing is that by scheduling future blog posts, people will think that you never took a vacation as they see yourself publishing blog posts at the normal rate you always do. A blessing in disguise. lol

One thing to remember is when you go on vacation and set things up on autopilot, you need to have the blog comments set to “moderate/pending” mode and the blog posts if you accept guest blog posts. You still need to make sure that nothing spammy goes public if you don’t have anyone with rights to approve blog posts and blog comment’s. Even though I’ll be away for 7 days, I will have my laptop with me but I won’t logon to it everyday for 10 hours a day working online. I’d probably be online for a half hour everyday to read my blog emails, approve any comments and maybe review submitted blog posts If I want to spend the time to read them. I could just spend like 10 minutes a day on the laptop. Depends If I feel like turning it on that day.

It’s a family vacation and the family will get upset if I’m sitting there working on the blog, moderating forum threads/posts, researching material…etc. My main goal is to continue to provide content while I am away and keep the search engines happy with fresh content so they can come back to index stuff on the blog. Scheduling future blog posts is a life saver.

Should we logon to our blogs and email accounts?

This question can have a number of answer’s and it depends on the type of business that you run online with your blog. If you make a living online then yes, you should logon everyday to answer emails, take care of stuff that has to do with payments as letting this stuff sit on the backshelf for a long period of time could hurt your business and reputation. Now if you have a staff team then you can give them certain task’s to do while you is away. If they don’t do them, fire them as you gave them instructions to follow and they disobeyed them.

Myself, everyday that I am on vacation the first thing that comes to my mind is relaxing and not adding any stress. I may or may not logon to my laptop and as much as I would like to while on vacation but it’s a vacation and not a working one. To many people take a vacation and yet with all these technology devices we have, they can still work anywhere in the world. Heck, you can work on your blog while on the beach if you wanted to. It’s a vacation and please work less and party more.

I have my plan how I will be doing things while away from the laptop but I will make it seem like I am not away with scheduling blog posts. However, I will be active on Facebook so if you have ‘LIKED’ the newbiz fanpage, you might see some cool vacation pictures or information pertaining to online stuff. With my phone, I will still try to stay current with the blogs that I am subscribed to and read blog posts when I have some free time. I don’t read the newspaper and read stuff online using my phone anyway’s. You may read the paper in the morning but I’ll be reading a blog post from a blog instead. lol

Some blog owner’s have staff or a SEO expert they have hired to do work on their blog which could involve writing content so they might be able to get away with not writing any blog posts and leaving the blog in the hands of the hired help while they is away on vacation. I am a one man show and do everything myself on this blog so my planning is different but I will have my laptop with me on vacation. I have alerts sent to my phone if any hosting issues pop-up so I can resolve any problems in a matter of hours if I am not on the beach or at a bar that day.

Have a good 4th of July to my fellow American’s. To get a hold of me if you want to chat or to ask me questions which is related to blogging, you can post a message on the Newbiz Fanpage. That’s the fastest way to get a hold of me. I will be sharing some pictures on the fanpage of my vacation when I am sober or maybe drunk. I have so much stress built up and this trip is what the doctored ordered.

I don’t plan on making this a working vacation but then again, it’s hard to get out of the daily routine of blogging, moderating v7n and researching material online. We will see if I work hard while on vacation or work less. Either way, I will be late in replying to emails and reviewing blog posts till the 2nd week in July.

Do you work on vacation? Explain why? It’s so hard to break habit’s.

Derek Price

Derek Price

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