Using SEO, SMO, and Blogs to Link Build and Increase Your Websites Traffic

Previously, the incorporation of SMO (social media optimisation) has been underestimated in its role in search engine optimisation. In order for both to work together, there needs to be communication between the two. Well-combined SMO and SEO can create a highly effective and strategic online marketing plan. This is why it’s so important to integrate social media into SEO effectively so you can increase the impact your SEO efforts have over all.

Social media can be combined with SEO efforts if you have SEO in place already or if you are beginning from scratch. You can use the help of an expert service provider like SEO Positive to help you achieve the effective results. Social media has become an important part of SEO in recent years as more users begin to sign up and as search engines recognise site popularity from likes, follows, shares, and views. This enhances to need to ensure your SMO and SEO efforts are well-combined to ensure the search engines can associate your social media efforts with your website. It’s also important to ensure that those you interest on Facebook or Twitter can get to your website to finish the deal.

Social media can benefit your business in many ways; one of which is link building. The beauty of social media is that when you achieve links through shares, they go in your favour with search engines and can see your rankings increase. These links are respected and natural and are not disregarded by Panda and Penguin updates because of these reasons. SEO Positive implement link building in a natural way to ensure it is effective for online businesses. Low value links are no longer recognised as ‘link’s so to speak; they can cause a negative impact for search engine rankings, so the incorporation of SMO is even more important in order to achieve those organic links that will do your website justice.

Blogging is another really effective way to build links and work towards your SEO efforts. The blogs you produce should be of the highest quality content. They should be informative, interesting for your potential customers to read, and they should be relevant to your website and the website you are positing on if you are posting as a guest post. SEO Positive can ensure that you get links in the right places with content that is going to attract and appeal to potential customers whilst pointing them in the direction of your business online. The content you create should incorporate your businesses keywords, and variations of them, so your search engine rankings can be improved this way as well. The links will offer web users another route to your website and the keywords will be recognised by search engines and your blog post will be displayed in search results. If you are blogging on your own website, then make sure you incorporate internal links to other pages.

Search engine optimisation can be complex, especially when you are trying to tackle social media optimisation at the same time. It’s so important to get it right if you really want to achieve what every article will say you can. It’s easier said than done, so it’s important not to underestimate the complexity and the necessity to get it right the first time. If you can carry out SEO, SMO, and blogging efforts properly, then you really can achieve what people say you can. When it comes to the success of your business online, it’s worth considering hiring help. You can guarantee great ROI and fast completion.

Adriana Frederick

Adriana Frederick

Adriana Frederick is a freelance writer based in Prestatyn. Adriana has researched this article with the help of SEO Positive online and enjoys internet marketing. Adriana enjoys swimming at the local pool and reading fiction in her spare time. Follow Adriana Frederick on Google+
Adriana Frederick
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Adriana Frederick

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