The Importance Of Blocking Categories On Google Adsense

I might have blogged about this before, but on a blog of mine, I’ve noticed that the ads’ was showing a ton of unrelated ads that had nothing to do with the content on the page. There could be a number of reason’s why this is happening but one thing for sure is that it could just be my settings for the general and sensitive categories. Just in case you didn’t know this, you can actually block certain niches/categories from displaying certain types of ads.

This shouldn’t be new information for you but a reminder to check these settings at least once a month.

Example, if you have a blog about finance and you post no other content outside this niche on it, then you would block all categories except for one which would be the Finance category. Now you could enable other categories if you think those ads would convert and make you money but having unrelated ads showing up won’t help you make any money with adsense. Even with high traffic, the unrelated ads won’t convert well.

I’ve actually just started to go through all my categories and will post a screenshot of what I have just blocked so far. (I’m going to do more after this blog post)

adsense screenshot Click Image to make it larger, hit back button to return to blog post.

I’m taking notice of the categories that have a high percentage earnings rate. These categories for the month is what is converting so I really don’t want to block too much in those categories. If you want to increase your earnings by having more relevant ads then go into your adsense dashboard and clock on the “Allow & block ads” tab then make your changes from there. My suggestion would be to through each tab and enable or disable certain categories that you believe the content would not make any converts on your website or you just don’t want ads from that niche showing up period.

After you make all your changes, give it about 24 to 48 hours for Google to take notice of these changes. The Google adsense bot needs to take notice of the changes and slowly enforce these changes. I’ve mentioned before that doing this won’t help out 100% with displaying relevant ads but it’s a big help for sure. At least you know you did something that you have control over in your adsense dashboard.

Hope you are having a profitable day.

Derek Price

Derek Price

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