The Best Tech Conferences To Attend

Tech conferences have previously had the reputation of being dark rooms muttering conspiratorially about algorithms, servers and pixel rates, but now they have begun to be viewed as the vanguard of progress in the business world.

This enthusiasm for all things tech has created a surge of momentum behind the tech conference scene, with some ballooning like a particularly petrified puffer fish.

In the fast-moving world of technology-reliant business the people on the forefront of the latest developments, or who have knowledge of what they will be, are king. There is also, of course, the allure of the idea that you may be in the same room as some of the most successful entrepreneurs of your generation.

So if you are going to become a global conference trotter, impressing all you meet and securing you and your company those lucrative deals and contracts, you are going to have to get clued up on where you need to go and why.

With your future wealth and prosperity in mind, here are some of the best to get yourself and your business to.

The Future of Web Apps

You cannot have operated in the tech world for the last few years and not picked up on the growing importance of apps. So, this conference, which takes place in both London and New York, should be of great, general interest to you.

With former speakers including members of Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Mozilla, this event cannot help but be an invaluable source of information and opinions for programmers. There is also the option to pay for a video pass of you can’t make it, whereby you can watch the talks at your leisure.


This annual conference used to be the undisputed king of tech conferences and while it has lost some of it shine, it is still a potential treasure trove of delights for us techies. The only problem here is that the conference is so big and therefore fairly unfocused, that you will have to sift through a lot of rubbish to get to the diamonds in the rough.

Techcrunch Disrupt

This get together has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the most anticipated events in the techie conference season. The underlying idea behind this conference is to give indie and relatively small corporate developers the chance to meet and pitch their ideas to some of the biggest guns in the tech world. The abundance of young, or at least less matured, developers mean that these events are always a fertile breeding ground for interesting ideas and creative viewpoints.

Google I/O

Why would you not want to get yourself to the annual shindig thrown by one of the most influential companies of recent history? It’s like being part of the most exclusive club in town and it tends to be the place where the company tends to make the bigger product related announcements. Plus, the attendees tend to get given free stuff, which is…you know…awesome.

SXSW Interactive

As far as reputations go, the SXSW conference is pretty damn prestigious. Companies that want to be seen as trendy tend to either launch or heavily promote themselves at this conference, and the list of past successes include Twitter, GoWalla and FourSquare who are all pretty trendy. This conference is seen as being a fun get together and not an incredibly serious business like affair, and is a must for any techie.

If you can’t get in, using free web communication and conferencing tools like Skype, or professional web communication and conferencing tools like the ones InterCall Europe provide, mean that you should be able to enjoy the next-best thing to being there.

If you do manage to get yourself to these conferences in the next year then you may just be one of the coolest new innovators in the tech industry by next Christmas.

Are there any really obvious ones that I have missed out, or any undiscovered gems that I may not have heard of? Let me know!

James Duval

James Duval

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