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Are you still battling the spammers from joining your blog, submitting rubbish blog posts and even blog comments? Have you installed a few different plugins over the past year or few weeks and just not seeing the type of results that you are after? I have tried many plugins over the past 2 years and think I found one that has all the features that I need to block anyone.

The plugin is called Stop Spammers Plugin.

How Has This Plugin Helped?

After I installed this plugin, I noticed after 24 hours the less robot’s registering and hardly no spam comments at all coming in. Now a few do trickle in everyday but not a ton which is what I was getting in the past when I just had a CAPTCHA plugin on the comment section and register link page. A CAPTCHA plugin is still needed on these 2 pages but you need more protection and the Stop Spammers Plugin does it all.

I actually installed this plugin in 2008 but I don’t know why but I removed it to install another plugin but a few weeks ago, I installed it again as the plugin was updated with many more features. Look at the screenshot below on how many spammers it has stopped for me.


This plugin has the following features that make my life a lot happier when logging into my blog.

  • White List – I can white list IP’s manually just incase the plugin blocks non spammers.
  • black list – I can black list IP’s and email address’ manually or click a button on the blog to block a IP. I’ve found bad IP’s from another website or mine and just added them to this blog. lol
  • Email domains - I can block email domains from being used to register or even from blog comment’s. I have blocked a lot of domains manually or people who submit blog posts that don’t follow my guidelines. Just easier to get them from not coming back since they can not read the rules
  • Block TLD’s – I don’t use this actually but you can use this feature if you want to.

There are so many benefit’s in using this plugin that I won’t write them all in this blog post. See the official Stop Spammers Plugin on the WordPress code index to get all the detail’s. This plugin I highly recommended with a CAPTCHA plugin on your comments and registration page.

The stat’s this plugin shows just puzzle’s me on how many bad people is trying to get on this blog. At least I know now that good people will join the blog, post comments or even come here to read the content. This plugin blocks the spammers and gives you many options to manually block spammers.

Happy Blogging!

Derek Price

Derek Price

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