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Did you just purchase a theme from the StudioPress website and already installed your theme? Did you know that they have their own plugins that work perfect with their genesis framework and with whatever theme that you have? This blog that you are on has a few of them installed already. They do have some plugins listed on there StudioPress website but not all of them.

I’ll mention the ones that I am using and the other plugins that I have not used but might be of use to you depending on the type of blog that you are creating. These plugins do get updated from time to time and will be looked over when StudioPress updates their framework.

Newbiz’s Current Genesis plugins being used:

  • Genesis 404 Page – This creates a custom 404 page where you can design the page yourself with images, links and whatever your imagination can come up with. Type the wrong URL to a blog post to see this in action.
  • Simple URLs – This is a URL management system that allows you create, manage, and track outbound links from your site by using custom post types and 301 redirects. Alternative to TinyURL and other URL shortners.
  • Genesis Beta Tester – Plugin let’s me gain access to download the beta framework version.
  • Social Profiles Widget – The Social Profiles Widget plugin allows you to insert icon links to your social profiles in any widgetized area.
  • Genesis eNews Extended – The widget allows the site administrator to set the either the Feedburner ID or form action, e-mail form field and hidden fields to mimic the subscribe form of other mailing list services.

Those are the current plugins that I am using on this blog. This could change tomorrow though. I’m always testing out stuff. lol

Other Notable Genesis Plugins:

  • Genesis Latest Tweets – This plugin just lists the latest tweets from your account with a few options to select, see footer for this plugin in action.
  • Genesis Responsive Header – Even though all StudioPress themes are now mobile responsive, the custom header image won’t be. Install this plugin to fix this problem.
  • Simple Edits – lets you edit the three most commonly modified areas in any Genesis theme: the post-info (byline), the post-meta, and the footer area.
  • AgentPress Listings – This plugin creates a listings management system for AgentPress child themes, from StudioPress.
  • GenesisConnect Plugin – You can turn your studiopress theme into a social network. This is a paid plugin but visit the homepage to learn more about this.
  • Genesis Simple Hooks – The Simple Hooks plugin was developed to extend the capabilities of the Genesis Framework. With this plugin, it’s possible to hook HTML, PHP and short codes to any of the existing hooks within Genesis.
  • Genesis Simple Menus – The Simple Menus plugin allows you to assign WordPress navigation menus to the secondary navigation menu within the Genesis Theme Framework on a per post, per page, or per tag/category archive basis
  • Genesis Simple Sidebars – The Simple Sidebars plugin was developed to extend the capabilities of the Genesis Framework. With this plugin, it’s possible to create more sidebars that can be placed into the primary or secondary sidebar locations.
  • Genesis Slider – This plugin allows you to create a simple slider that displays the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post or page.
  • Genesis Tabs – This plugin allows you to create a tabbed section, via a widgets, that can display the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post
  • Genesis Extra Settings Transporter – Adds support for exporting settings of various Genesis Framework specific plugins & Child Themes via the Genesis Exporter feature.
  • SEO Data Transporter – The SEO Data Transporter plugin allows you to transfer the SEO data (such as title tags and meta descriptions) you’ve entered in one WordPress theme/plugin to another. (I used this already)
  • Simple Social Icons – Simple Social Icons is an easy to use, customizable way to display icons that link visitors to your various social profiles. With it, you can easily choose which profiles to link to, customize the color and size of your icons, as well as align them to the left or right, all from the widget form (no settings page necessary!).
  • Genesis Connect for WooCommerce – This plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate WooCommerce with the Genesis Framework and Genesis child themes.
  • Genesis Responsive Slider – Does same thing as the other slider plugin but this is for mobile devices.
  • Genesis Connect – GenesisConnect plugin for BuddyPress is a paid plugin, The $49.95 price for the GenesisConnect plugin is a one-time fee and is NOT included in the Pro Plus All-Themes package
  • Genesis Layout Extras – allows modifying of default layouts for homepage, various archive, attachment, search, 404 pages via theme options.
  • Genesis Toolbar Extras – plugin just adds a lot Genesis Framework related resources to your toolbar / admin bar. Also links to all settings pages of this framework are added making life for webmasters a lot easier.
  • Genesis Admin Bar Plus – This plugin adds resources links related to the Genesis Framework to the admin bar
  • Genesis Widgetized Archive – use widgets to maintain & customize your Archive Page Template in Genesis Framework and Child Themes to create archive/sitemap listings.
  • bbPress Genesis Extend – Provides basic compatibility with bbPress and the Genesis Framework with a few extra goodies.
  • Genesis Social Profiles Menu – plugin adds a style sheet for social profile icons for the WordPress custom menu – recommended for the use with Genesis Framework child themes
  • Genesis Printstyle Plus – adds a printer-ready style sheet file for the Genesis Framework and it’s currently active child theme
  • Genesis Simple Comments – Genesis Simple Comments adds a new menu item to the Genesis menu allowing for easy changes to the Genesis Comments
  • Genesis Translations – This plugin translates your Genesis powered WordPress site easily with one of the available languages. (See plugin for languages)
  • Genesis Connect for Easy Digital Downloads – This plugin provides optimized templates for the ‘download’ Custom Post Type of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin for the use with Genesis Framework and Child Themes. To allow easy customization of these templates, and make sure that you do not lose your customizations when the plugin is updated, you can place your own copies of these templates in your child theme
  • Genesis Widgetized Footer – New Flexibility plus Enhanced Webmaster Experience Changing the footer ‘Copyright/Credits’ & ‘Return to Top’ in Genesis is already easy with the use of Genesis Footer Shortcodes or some other plugins. However, it COULD still be much easier and more flexible with Widgets in WordPress!
  • Genesis Widgetized Not Found & 404 – Finally, use widgets to support and customize your 404 Error and Search Not Found pages in Genesis Framework and Child Themes
  • Genesis Design Palette – This plugin creates a new Genesis settings page that allows you to design the Genesis theme. Has settings for various colors, font stacks, sizes, borders, and more. The plugin writes a CSS file (that can be cached) and loads.
  • Genesis Media Project – The Genesis Media Project plugin currently adds a video post type with easy to use meta fields for adding videos to your site. Videos are imported via the WordPress oEmbed feature, or may be inserted via embed code. MP4 videos may also be added by inserting a URL to the hosted video and are played using the Flowplayer video player.

What’s great about all these plugins at your disposal is that all of them are fully supported. Just visit the support forum where we get help on our themes. I know with some of the regular WordPress plugins, pretty much all of those plugin author’s don’t even do support or are very slow in giving out support. Creating a thread on the StudioPress support forum for plugin support will get you a response in a matter of minutes or hours.

If I have missed some important Genesis plugins (plugins made only for Genesis Framework) then please use the contact us link in the menu bar to give me a link to this plugin and explain why I should list it in this blog post. If you are the creator of the plugin then It’ll get added for sure. You may view a list of there HTML 5 themes for the most up to date themes released that are all mobile responsive.

I’ve been a happy client since day 1 of becoming a client.

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