Social Media Can Destroy RelationShips & Business’s

Social media marketing and interaction is an everyday thing these day’s. Whether you own a website or work for a company where social media play’s a role in your business, social media is a part of almost everyone’s lives in one way or another. However, social media sites can destroy relationships, friendships and business’s as well. Do you think it’s right to air your dirty laundry online and not only this but, family members and friends do read all your status updates. They may not like or reply In that one status update but you may of not wanted that person to read what you was just involved with. If you have combined both your FanPage updates and personal account into just one account, your visitors/customers will read all the dirty laundry that is being posted online involving yourself & family members. Have 2 pages, one for business and the other one a personal account.

In this blog post, I am going to mention some reason’s why social media can hurt your business and personal life. Think before you post something online. Employer’s can look up your name on these social sites to try to get a general idea of your personality and how you act outside of the workplace environment. Gives them a general idea of how you might act at work.

Negative Reviews Can Destroy A Business

Let’s say a customer posts a very bad review on your fanpage and you know that member is wrong. You do not respond with negative feedback or insult the member. Remember with your fanpage, you are trying to brand yourself or your company’s name online and showing a mean side on a public social media website is not the way to go about responding to the negative review. Do research on why the customer is unhappy and respond in a professional way. Perhaps that customer just missed 1 set of instructions and that was the reason why for their bad experience. Find a fix for that customer and post it in that bad review. Show your other fan’s that you don’t react to a bad review with a nasty response. You will lose a fan base showing an attitude on your fanpage to customer’s. Think before taking action. People don’t think for a few minutes when they read a negative review about their business and post what comes to mind first.

Lot’s of companies get bad reviews but they respond to all of them to find out the real problem so they can address it. This is how a good business operates. They learn what the issue’s are and fix them. Heck it could have been a bug that happened by freak accident and you have to fix 1 tiny thing. It could have been that the customer just forgot to do 1 task and the results was bad.. hence the bad review.

Personal Social Media Accounts

This is where the trouble starts that can end relationships with friends and family member’s. If there are some things going on with the family, you don’t post them in public on any social media website. It’s just common sense people, you handle your personal issue’s via. text message, phone call or personal meeting’s. When you air your dirty laundry on social media websites, everyone on your friends list will read it and the other family members friends depending on everyone’s account setting’s. This is just so bad because other people will insert themselves into the conversation without knowing all the information and blow everything out of proportion.

The end results could be separation of family members for ever or even someone going so far as to using violence since it’s a family issue. Did you know that the police or other government institution’s can arrest your for posting threats on social media websites? O yes, this can happen. We all know that when we argue with our friends, we tend to get really nasty and sometimes threaten to beat that person up. Well making threat’s is not a good thing to do and people take this seriously so the police could get involved. Ask yourself this question.. What do you get out of freaking out on someone on a social media account online? It does not solve any issue’s but get more people involved that don’t know the whole story. Sides get taken and things get even worse.

Social Media Websites Are For Networking & Communication

Social media websites was created for people to interact with one another and to network with one another. Well it depends what social media website that you are on. Each one sort has a purpose if you use it correctly. Take Facebook for an example. I have used Facebook to reconnect with my old highschool friends, online friends, family members and followers for my fanpage. I use Facebook with my normal account to just shoot the breeze with everyone and sometimes talk about politic’s or family event’s going on..etc. For NewBiz’s FanPage, that is all content from the blog and other online stuff. I have separated 2 different Facebook accounts and don’t mix family with business stuff. I don’t air my dirty laundry on my fanpage because my followers didn’t follow that page to read about family problem’s. Do you get where I am going with this?

Big Brother Or Friend’s Spying

I have personally seen family relationship’s ruined from using Facebook.

There are people I know that I will never look at them the same way again because of reading their status updates. Yes, being on the friend list I was reading personal information that was not directed towards me but it struck a nerve. We have become so addicted to social media websites that we forget to pickup the phone to talk about personal issue’s. Posting this stuff online will usually end bad for everyone and destroy relationships and even business’s.

Watch what you say online because their is always someone out their watching you and will judge you on what you say online. They may not know the whole story but they read what you type online. Keep personal issue’s off the internet folks’. These social media websites was not created so you can write about your marriage problems, kid’s problem’s or even work problems. Do you really want the police to spy on you because you was reported making threats online?

I’ve read stories online that some bank robber’s mentioned they robbed a place and did this on their Facebook page. They got arrested because the police used their Facebook name to lookup their address.

Let’s just use the social media websites to network with each other and just chat.

Derek Price

Derek Price

Derek spends most of his time drinking lot's of coffee when working online and enjoys blogging about various things online.
Derek Price


My name is Derek Price and I like to blog.
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  1. says

    I agree. Unlike in the real life, where most of your relationship and/or business remains localized (for the most part), social media expands to the entire world beyond your local area.

    This means more eyes on your business from not only your local population, but from people around the world that could possibly end up traveling and visiting your business.

    Negative reviews need to be dealt with in a timely and professional manner, not go off flaming your customers, clients and everyone one that could be a potential customer.

    Up until the recent restaurant blowout, I never really heard of any business destroy themselves so hard on social media before. It’s a great way for other businesses to learn what kind of huge mistakes NOT to do on social media. :)

    • Nadine says

      I agree with Daniel .. and well said! Social media for business and personal life has morphed into a huge “brand monster” that can be a great resource and the downfall of a business or personal relationship. Funny, huh? This digital world we live in is amazing.

    • Derek Price says

      Sad to say, there was a blow out with certain part’s of my family on there. Good thing we all had our privacy settings edited. Hence that got me to blog about this subject. In the past, you picked up the phone to talk or face to face talking.

      The company I work for is on FB and they have a reputation to upheld. They hired social media staff to run there account.

      • Jennifer "JBreeze" Alston says

        I agree with everyone. I have been trying to brand it into my teenagers head that what you put on Facebook can HURT you, especially when it comes to employment.

        I am learning to watch what I put out there and keep the same image across the board.

        I just found it a bit harder for my fan page. I have a heap of friends on FB who do follow my post, whether it is about business or personal and want to incorporate the same thing with my articles. I like the suggestion to have your fan page separate.

        Nadine. I couldn’t agree more! And I am quickly becoming a non-fan of social branding, because it morphs our personal and business together. SMH

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