Getting your website from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain can be a hard task to accomplish on your own. I am referring to getting your website rankings up from way back to the top as in page 1. In fact, just getting started online with your own website can be a challenging task. What tools of the trade do you need to get started?

I’m going to share some tools and resources that should make your life a lot easier and get you started online as quick as possible. Most of these tools (about 90%) I have used and still use on certain occasion’s.

All the resources that I have listed have a proven track record and you can google them for reviews if you never heard of them before. Some of these, I earn a commission from.


  • Godaddy – Godaddy is one of the famous domain registrars online and one of the oldest ones. I’d suggest do not use their web hosting services. Use them to buy domains and maybe even sell them as they have a feature for members to sell their domain’s. I have all my domains registered on Godaddy and they have good features to secure your domain if you wish to not have people lookup your domain and find out your contact details.


Web Hosting

  • Blue Host – BlueHost is a good affordable shared web hosting website if you are just starting out with a small website/business. This is is perfect for setting up a WordPress blog with not a big hosting bill to pay. Contact their support team to ask any pre-sales questions. I once started a forum using their hosting but sold the forum after a year.
  • HostGator – HostGator has been around for a long time and has a proven track record. Not only do they offer 3 different shared hosting packages, they offer VPS and dedicated servers plus you can buy a domain through them. Give HostGator a closer look and don’t forget to ask pre-sales questions in their support forum or their ticket system.
  • WP Engine – Lightening speed is all that this web host is about. The reviews online about WPEngine are all good. Hosting your website with WPengine will end your poor web hosting days and make you focus more on your blog. WPengine is very similar to my current web host which is WebSynthesis but a few features and price tag is the only difference.
    Keep in mind, if you google these web hosts, you will find both negative reviews and positive review’s. Don’t base your decision on reading reviews as they could be fake or just an unhappy customer who violated the web hosting’s guidelines and had account removed.


Blog Platforms

  • – I know there are other blog platforms out there but the self hosted WordPress one is truly the best. All you need is a domain and a share web hosting account to get started. Some web hosts provide a 1 click install option for the blog. I recommend you install this manually so you know no hidden codes get installed.
  • – Don’t get this blog software confused with If you just don’t have the money to purchase a domain and a web hosting account (shared one) then is for you. You will get a wordpress blog with fewer features and with limitations on how to make money with it besides having your blog on a domain. Example, you name your blog “bobcat”. Your blog URL would end up being this “” You should read the features page which has a link in the footer on the page.


WordPress FrameWorks (Not Free)

If you don’t know what this is then have a look at this link:

  • Genesis Framework – This blog and theme is actually on the Genesis Framework. A lot of big guru’s are running the blogs on the Genesis Framework. 1 example is I strongly recommend you become a Genesis Customer. Every thing is mobile responsive and they big mobile freaks so you can expect good themes and it’ll look good on your mobile phone with no extra plugins installed.
  • Thesis Framework – Thesis is not like the other frameworks, it’s sorta drag and drop to create your own design. With the thesis framework, your blog will load faster, seo optimized and you can tweak your own design. In fact, call yourself a designer after setting up your blog on the thesis framework. The framework supports schema. All 3 search engines use this markup to improve their search result’s.


WordPress Themes

  • Premium Themes – Rather them me relist them all, just click on the link and view the page of a bunch of themes to purchase for your WordPress blog. Some might actually be free but most of them are not.
  • StudioPress HTML 5 Themes – With the Genesis Framework 2.0+, all themes created by StudioPress employee’s will have HTML 5 markup and 100% mobile responsive. This list of HTML 5 markup themes will be updated as new themes supported by is made available for download.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • moz (formerly SEOmoz) – moz is my favorite blog to read news about the SEO/Social Media news that us webmasters need to know. Think about becoming a moz Pro if you are a series about succeeding online. You can sign up for there 30 day free trial to their pro package and see how much information/tools you get within this time span. You just might become a membership member after this time period. moz is well-known world-wide.
  • SEO Book – Aaron Wall is well knows in the SEO industry and if you are a new business getting started online then you should join because it’s worth the membership fee. This isn’t a cheap membership site. This is for business professionals who are series about their websites growth.
  • Google SEO Starter Guide – Want to understand SEO the way Google is shaping it? Read the FREE Google SEO starter guide. Get the information straight from the horse’s mouth.


Monitor Backlinks

  • Backlink Watch – I haven’t really used this tool to often or often enough but it’s another tool to check out your backlinks. What I do like is it tells you if the backlink is no follow or not. Make it easier to know what sites you should get a link on or now. Take this for a test spin and see if you would like to use this tool more often.
  • Broken Link Checker – This is a good free tool to check for broken links on your blog or website. I used this before and it will find links for you to investigate but you still have to find the exact location those links been placed on. Again, this is a free tool and a good alternative to the broken link checker tool WordPress plugin. That plugin is hated by some web hosts as it puts a lot of stress on your mysql database while it is running.



  • Freelancer – Don’t have time to write content yourself, create forms, designs or just need some custom work done? You can hire a someone to do any job that you need online or even find job offers yourself. Hire a professional and look at their earlier work on freelancer to see if they got the skills they proclaim that they have.
  • SubmitEdge – If you just don’t have any time to do some basic SEO work on your project, write fresh content, do social submission, directory submission, new web design…etc then SubmitEdge is just for you. They provide a ton of services at an affordable price. I have used in the past and currently for certain services that they provide. Great support team.


Blog RSS Syndication (Social Community)

  • BlogEngage – If you are a WordPress blog owner and serious about your blog then consider joining BlogEngage’s membership site. Yes it’s a paid community but you get more back for your buck while networking with bloggers from around the world. BlogEngage has guest post blogging contests throughout the year with cash prize’s as well. This the best blogging social Site in my book. Build backlinks and talk with other bloggers that could lead to new business partners or find a blog mentor. The possibilities are endless using BlogEngage.



  • Aweber – Looking to start a newsletter to provide rich and quality content to your followers? Looking to make those emails look professional with special features? Aweber is a rock solid choice to use for an autoresponder. They have a proven track record of providing good features, good support and much more. Give them a look if you have some time. The money is in the list. Yes, you hear this phrase all the time but it is true.
  • Optin Skin – You can add awesome looking optin forms and social buttons to your blog with this. It’s an all in one package. The video is convincing on the homepage


Website Security

  • Sucuri Security – Scan your website for free to find out if you have any malware or other known threats. There is a payment package that you should look into if you own a business or just a regular website in any niche. My current web host is a partner with Sucuri Security so I didn’t have to sign up for the membership package. If you are a business owner, contact Sucuri support and see if you can become a partner.
  • Cloudflare Security – I’m sure you have heard of Cloudfare at some point in time. Cloudfare works well on blogs and even on other websites. Cloudflare Security is top-notch and even as a free member, you are very well protected from online threats. I have been a free member since they was in beta mode. Click on the features tab in the header to read about all the features you will get.
  • Site Sensor – Brought to you by Copyblogger media, a 24hr/7 days a week monitoring software. Don’t matter where you are at, receive a text message, phone call and even use their app to get real-time stat’s, uptime stat’s. Visit their homepage to get the full details. This is not a free piece of software.


PHP Scripts, Snippets, Java misc codes

  • Code Canyon – Code Canyon sell’s scripts, plugins, themes, java scripts, PHP scripts and other misc. codes for all types of websites. Very affordable price with a huge database of codes to choose from. You have to visit their homepage to see what they have.
  • BinPress – BinPress is the number 1 place to go to for software development from real professionals. The scripts listed on their website look amazing. Support system is good as I was playing dumb and used it to see if they responded fast and explain things clearly. There are scripts in multiple programming languages. So much cool stuff on this site to check out.
  • Coming Soon Page – Build the ultimate coming soon page for your WordPress blog. This is a paid plugin packed with tons of features. See the homepage to get the full detail’s. NO longer using a webpage with html coding on it that’s plain jane, customize the heck out of your coming soon page with this plugin.


Logo Design

  • Little Guy Logo’s – Don’t be fooled by the website title, this is a premium logo design service. You get 3 custom premium logos for $89. This includes 3 designs, unlimited revisions (usually first design never makes you happy), Web and print-ready formats and Fast 2 day (avg.) delivery. Might be 3 days though. Check out the portfolio on the homepage to see the past designs.
  • 48 hour Logo – Start a logo contest for only $29 (min. price) and watch designers create you some design’s. More details can be found on the homepage. It’s to much to explain in this short summary. Also ask pre-sales questions, there is fine print to read.


This list will be updated continuously as I have had a chance to either use these tools or researched them myself. Last Updated 10/8/13

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