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About 4 days ago, Google Adsense announced on there blog that the payment page is getting a redesign. I’m very happy about this because the current page just stinks. Sorry, I’m just being totally honest here. How many times have you thought that you reached the payout threshold to find out that you didn’t because you misread the dollar figure when looking at your month’s balance? I think the new look makes it easier to see your monthly income and a little easier to set up your payment settings page. I’m just going off the small screenshot in the blog post and from what I’ve read elsewhere online. I’ve yet to see these changes in my dashboard.

I’ll mention a few things that Google has stated on their blog about the new features/look:

  • Redesigned Payment summary and Payment settings pages
  • More flexibility with your payment settings
  • Improved navigation of the payments interface

Google Adsense will be rolling out the new changes in the next coming month’s. If you don’t see the new look/features yet then relax, Google has a ton of Adsense accounts to update. In the mean time, are you still having issues with getting paid by Google Adsense?

There are 5 steps to getting paid by Adsense. I hope that you don’t need to know about these. Here are these steps.

  • 1. Check your address - Double and triple check the address you listed in your account detail’s. All it takes is the wrong address number or even spelling error in your address to cause no check to arrive
  • 2. Provide your tax information – This varies depending on your location. Please visit your account settings page and look under payment settings area to fill this out or double-check it
  • 3. Payment Method- Can’t get paid if you don’t select an option. Right now payment options are checks, Electronic Funds Transfer, and Western Union Quick Cash
  • 4. Verify Address and Phone Number – Check out these posts on Phone Verification and address verification. You only have to verify this for your first initial adsense payment ever. They want to know if you are a human basically.
  • 5. Meet Monthly Threshold – Once you reach $100 total, the following end of the month you will receive the total earnings that you made. Example, you made $113.43 in April. At the end of May you will receive $113.43 depending on payment method/option you selected. (FYI, that isn’t what I earn with Adsense, I used the number as an example.)

I urge you to login to your adsense account and click on “Account Settings” and verify all the information on that page is 100% correct. Not getting paid because you made a typo really stinks and with Google Adsense, that one mistake will cost you. You’d have to wait 1 more month to get your payment if you had to make a correction. Long time to wait for a check when you could have used the month the previous month for bill’s.

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