Panda 3.5 – Why All the Fuss (It’s a Penguin)

If you have slept under a rock for the past 48 hours or just don’t follow any of the SEO news, you’ve missed yet another big Google Panda update. This update is known as the Webspam In Search Results update. What this update basically means is that if you spin your content, keyword stuff your footers or web page in general, you may notice some rankings wiped out. This update also will affect certain link schemes, cloaking or sneaky doorway pages and purposeful duplicate content.

Ok, what is this duplicate content all about? If you look at the Google’s guidelines you’ll know what exactly what purposeful duplicate content is. Check out this quote below:

However, sometimes content is deliberately duplicated across domains in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings or win more traffic. Deceptive practices like this can result in a poor user experience, when a visitor sees substantially the same content repeated within a set of search results.

Please read the whole page, I just quoted one paragraph.

I’ve stated this many times both on forums and I think on this blog. Do not spin your content and write original articles in which you should not publish anywhere else but on your own blog or website. You can use your social buttons to promote your blog post to your followers and tell your followers to promote the blog post to their followers. That’s how some free viral marketing happens with little to no work involved. Stay away from shady link builders that you see creating threads in marketplaces on forum’s. I prefer to link build myself and not hire anyone to do this. I don’t care if it takes me 6 months to improve my unique visitors, I will do this the right way and not be subject to any penalties by Google.

In the next few days or weeks, you will see a lot of threads created on webmaster and SEO forums with people complaining about their traffic died or they lost their rankings. Once people notice that they have spun content, content that’s posted all over the internet, they will figure out that they got nailed by Google Panda 3.5. Also doing a full review of there website might bring up some major SEO violations that need to be address.

If you want to know the secret to keeping your rankings, don’t go overboard with your keywords. In fact, don’t have any of your keywords in your footer at all. No one reads your footer anyways but keep it professional at the bottom. I’m going to update mine after this blog post.

I’m not a SEO expert but just giving my opinion on my blog. If you are doing this right and following Google’s guidelines and staying up-to-date with their algorithm updates then you will make out good and watch your competitors lose their rankings while you gain their traffic. There could be a few tweaks to this webspam update update this week but don’t quote me on that.

Happy blogging!!

UPDATE: Google has a new name instead of Panda… The Penguin Update: Google’s Webspam Algorithm Gets Official Name

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  1. says

    I saw that conversation on Twitter between Danny Sulivan and Matt Cutts earlier this evening. I see Danny renamed that post and added the conversation to his post.

    There are 2 updates. Panda Update April 19 (the part of the conversation Danny linked to) and then the one they lauched on April 24/12 which was the start of the conversation.

    Lots of people are up in arms over this webspam update. If they spent as much time and effort creating quality content as they do trying tricks they would not be complaining.

    • says

      With these updates, this explains a lot about the people creating threads on the forum with ranking issue’s. What people been preaching for months is actually true. What is strange is if you search google for “make money online” the results are not accruate right now. Perhaps Google still doing few tweaks.

    • says

      I noticed that because i’ve actually tried to get ranked for that keyword phrase once before but it seemed way to hard to do that. Now the sites that i’d usually see on page 1 are pretty much no longer on that page. Seems a few websites that been ranked on page 1 for a long time who didn’t promote there site that much just got a rude awakening. I never saw make money for begginers being promoted online for a long time. They even did a redesign a few months ago.

      I’m at work right now so unable to do some searching online because of some filter’s. I noticed 1 of my competitors wiped off page one. Search “free advertising blog” I should now be number 1 for that term. lol

  2. says

    I feel like there will be some type of a roll back. The results are just not good.
    Is this update intended to provide the best results to their users? or to scare webmasters into not purchasing links.

    It does make me realize that having a business where you depend on G entirely for your income is not a good business.

    • says

      You are right. Some webmasters depend on Google for traffic or revenue and once they get hit with a penalty of banned, there business is done because they didn’t also take the time to work on getting rankings on the other search engines. Also, if they didn’t try to take any shortcuts with there link building and content, they would not be put into a bad spot getting nailed by a Penguin update. (It’s not panda anymore)

    • says

      True. What would happen if Google slapped SEOmoz with a penalty? OMG, there would be hell to pay for sure. Hmmm, guess it’s time for break at work. I so need to work on a lot of stuff today on this blog. :(

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