About Newbiz Advertising Blog

Welcome to NewBiz Advertising Blog. Let me give you a brief history of this blog and a little about myself. This blog was started back in late 2007… roughly early 2008 I think. (Not sure when I went live) My name is Derek and I’m the owner of this blog and addicted to coffee. In fact, I always have a cup of coffee right beside me while working on the laptop.

Before I created this blog, I started a web directory then converted that directory into a free advertising forum. Growing tired of the forum industry and fighting with spammers daily, I decided to sell the forum as I had the urge to get into the blogging niche. My forum was ranked number 1 for many keywords with a unique design. I got a nice payday for that forum.

Back in the day Google didn’t have all of these zoo animal algorithm penalties that we see now, so one could easily guess that it was easy to get a very good ranking and keep it. A few days later after selling my forum, I fell in love with blogging and starting this blog. I have made many changes to this blog since launching it and always tweaking things as I learn new things.

What is this blog about?

This blog is a multi-author blog in which guest blog posts can be submitted free of charge. This blog is well moderated by myself so you will not see spam blog comments or spun blog posts. There is no mailing list on this blog nor are you forced to sign up to one with a huge pop-up window. However you could sign up to receive emails of new blog posts everyday. The sign up form is under every blog post. About 6 or 7 times a year or maybe even a few more times, there will be a mass email sent out about updates to this blog or special offers I have come across that I think would be helpful to the member base. I don’t believe in creating a blog just to spam my members with sales pitches in emails. You and I already get these emails from spammers everyday in our personal email accounts. Somehow these spammers find out our email address’ and spam us. Perhaps I give them my congressmen’s email address.

My background

I have been in the affiliate marketing niche for a long time but don’t ever consider myself an expert and do this part-time while working full-time in the IT industry. I just tell it like it is on this blog. The goal of this blog is to provide valuable information, tools, tips and things to watch out for online. Heck, maybe you will even make some money online from the information that you have read on this blog. It is not easy making a website successful and ranked well in the search engines these days. Some of the content that you read on here will help you succeed online or tell you of the things you might have done wrong. If you disagree with anything that has been posted, I urge you to post a blog comment so we can discuss the issue. I am waiting at my desk for your questions.

Just like you, I am motivated each and everyday to make $1 or more. I’ve seen so many people think they could strike it rich online doing the least amount of work possible. Come on, let’s get real over here. There is no fast way to make lots of money online. I go with my gut feeling and not act on impulse. Has your gut feeling ever let you down?

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