Morphing Your New Motherhood Status Into Business

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There’s a lot that goes into the care, growth and development of your new bundle of joy. When you get the chance to become a parent, you’ll begin to realize how your children are at the forefront of your daily obligations. From interactive games and activities to their health and wellness, you’ll find that you can build a solid career from the passion and knowledge that comes with their upbringing. The following are interesting business opportunities that you can morph from your motherhood status.

Savvy Shopping

If you enjoy shopping for baby products and you’re a seasoned bargain shopper, you may be in for a career in consignment or product development. New moms may be lost as to what they need for their infants after birth. You can lead the market in finding the right tools and products that are necessary to an infant’s growth and development, such as the toys available at, which help make your baby smart. Consignment events are also popular and can save new parents money on products for their new addition.

Blogs and Writing

Motherhood is a lifelong learning experience and many new moms want to share their wealth of information with others who can benefit from it. You can do this through blog writing. The blogosphere is a popular avenue on the Internet where you can share your thoughts and wisdom. Other inexpensive publishing outlets for moms who enjoy writing can include ebooks, self-publishing houses and sites such as Amazon. This allows you to get your work noticed by other parents without having to enlist the help of a literary agent. You can take your talents further by self-publishing children’s books. With the help of local libraries and community schools, you can gain recognition for your efforts.

Baby Food and Snacks

Today’s parents are health conscious and want to ensure that their children are only eating the most nutritious and healthy products. An entrepreneurial mom can take her knowledge to the ultimate level by starting a healthy baby food and snack venture. You can get your business noticed by starting a website and linking it to various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Health and Fitness

Busy moms know how difficult it can be to find time for exercise after a baby. Moms who are conscious about health and fitness can put together a workout team where moms can get together and exercise. Classes can even incorporate your babies into the routine with various moves. Yoga and relaxing massages have also been proven to be beneficial to both mother and child, and you can include various classes centered round soothing and relaxing movements. You can experiment with your offerings and see what generates the most interest. Whether you offer family fitness classes or have moms sign up and train for a race together, your possibilities are endless.

Women’s roles are evolving and being a mother doesn’t mean that you can’t have it all. In addition to providing for your child and family, you can take that knowledge and merge your career with motherhood by building a successful entrepreneurship.

Debbie Nguyen considers herself a lucky mompreneur. She has been able to stay at home for her kids’ childhoods, practicing graphic design and blogging.

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Debbie Nguyen

Debbie Nguyen is a designer, writer, editor, and mother of two. She enjoys blogging about design, parenthood, and life as an immigrant. In her spare time, she volunteers at non-profits and knits.
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