Marketing Baby: Can Mommy Bloggers Influence Your Purchasing Decisions?

Mommy bloggers have become a driving force on the Internet as the go-to place for new and relevant information about family and children’s issues. This new trend is a direct result of innovative moms who desired to stay home to take care of their families while still providing financial support.

How Do These Moms Make A Living By Sharing Advice?

Mommy blogging is a very unique type of business. These women select a topic and provide useful information about it in the form of articles or blog posts. In an effort to generate income from their blog, it is monetized by allowing advertisers to run ads on their site. Many of the ads are for products that the blog endorses such as nursing pillows, play yard (like pack’n play) and other popular baby products. Frequent readers of the blog are very likely to at least click on a link to view the products because of their connection with the Mommy blogger. As readers of the blog make purchases or click on these advertisements, the blog earns an income. The more popular the blog becomes, the more money it generates in this manner.

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While very few mom blogs charge a subscription fee, most are free to read and use and rely on their advertising to generate revenue. The free-use brand of their blog draws many more followers to their site, providing them with opportunities to draw large advertisers.

Advertisers are also always watching for successful blog sites. Once a blog has become main stream, many large advertisers will make contact with the blogger to request advertising space on their site. When a mommy blogger reaches this status, they have “arrived.”

How Does The Blog Become Popular?

A blog becomes popular in two ways:

  • Content. Blog content must be professional, personal, and relevant. People must make a connection to what is being stated in the posts so that they either want to use the advice they were given or return later for additional information. The flow of information must be constant – at least one post a day. Bloggers that do not continue to post information cannot gain popularity because people quickly get bored rereading the same information.
  • Socializing. You can have the most incredible blog in the world, but if no one knows it exists, then it simply floats around the Internet doing nothing. A blogger has to generate traffic to her site. This includes social networking, pay-per-click advertising, and any other method they can think of that will get their blog noticed.

Once the blog begins to get noticed, the blogger needs to continue promoting their blog. You can never have “too many” followers. In fact, the more people who frequent your blog, the more money you will generate.

This is the Internet Age, and blogging has become a lucrative way to share information and generate an income. These mommy bloggers provide a valuable service, and in return generate a good income. They can do this from the convenience of their home, allowing them to raise their children and care for their household. It is a 21st century career that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps the best thing about mommy bloggers is that they provide inspiration to anyone who desires to start a career from home.

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