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Making money online is one of the most searched terms online in my opinion. With the way the economy is going, people are looking to alternative ways to making some extra cash and you can do this online. Finding the right programs that will pay is the hardest part. In fact, I am going to list some affiliate programs that you could join or even buy from them.

I’ve been in affiliate marketing for a awhile off and on. Below is a list of affiliate programs that I have been a member of or have gotten at least 1 paycheck from them. I don’t always promote the same program for long but try to build up backlinks to my affiliate links on the internet so sometime in the future, someone may land on that one link and purchase something through it. That’s money in my pocket for old backlinks I forgot about.


Recommended Affiliate Programs To Join

  • Affiliate Lites – Affiliate lites is the affiliate program for the Blog Engage RSS syndication service. This is recurring commission if you build up your downline.
  • – Earn up to a potential $150 commission from one downline member. This program is for bloggers only as you would be able to get fellow bloggers to sign up.
  • Premium WordPress Themes – Everyone has a blog, why not make money offering visitors themes. Who doesn’t need a theme? The default WordPress ones not cutting it these days.
  • Aweber Autoresponder – easy residual income if you target the right people who want to build up an email list. The money is in the list we say to people online. This recurring commission if people sign up under you.
  • shareasale – StudioPress I promote a lot on this forum and their affiliate program is with this company. Ton’s of offers to sift through to promote to your visitors. They payout is on time.
  • OIO Publisher – I removed this from my blog but still promote this affiliate program. Just about every website/blog sells or wants to sell advertising space. OIO does more than just allow banner advertising. You can make a good amount of money pitching this network to people or install the software on your blog like I did in the past.
  • Blue Host – Everyone wants to start a blog these days or looking for a reliable cheap shared web hosting to host their website. This web host fit’s those Peoples budget’s. Check out the affiliate program details.
  • CBpro ads – Earn unlimited amounts of money from Clickbank. It’s better to upgrade your account to the pro one like I have been for many year’s. When a free member upgrades his account I get rich. See their homepage to see the benefit’s of a pro member. It’s one time payment and you can just slap 1 link on your blog and forget about it. I did this and every so often I get a commission from them.

No Beating Around The Bush

I’m going to be dead honest with you, making money online through affiliate programs is not an easy thing as some people make it seem to be. You have to work hard on fine tuning your campaign and experimenting with different types of landing pages and how you write your ads. Trial and error is how I do it. You could even be banned from an affiliate program for violating their quality guidelines for marketing their business/product. A method you could have found online that made one guy thousands of dollars may not work for you but that strange idea in your head could be the ticket to you succeeding but you to afraid to try it out. Take risk’s and try out your own idea’s besides reading tips on blogs and on forum’s.

With Great Risk, There Is A Great Reward

Not taking risks online when it comes to promoting affiliate programs will get you nowhere. Things change weekly in the affiliate marketing world. You have Google always tweaking their algorithms that usually hurts a lot of websites traffic so they need to find other ways to get traffic to earn money. Don’t forget to use the power of social media to market your offer’s, this is a good method to use if you got hit with a penalty. If you have a loyal following online, talk to them and see what things they are after and find affiliate products to share with them that they would be interested in. You will make better converts this way by finding out what your followers want to learn about. Then figure out a way to make money off this information.

Webmaster Tools – Helpful To Some

Earlier this year I actually spent some time doing research on a few tools and products that I have either used online in the past or still use to this day. I have made a list on my Webmaster Resources page of these program’s I’m familiar with. These tools and products might help you out one day.

Final Tip – Most Important

A last tip of mine about affiliate programs is the payout’s. Check to see what payout methods an affiliate program has. If it’s only PayPal then some people in certain countries won’t be able to join because PayPal don’t like certain countries. This isn’t good if you is promoting a membership site that has 1 form of payment to its clients and affiliates. I try but not always, to join affiliate programs that offer direct deposit, paypal and a check payout method. I’m from the USA so PayPal and myself are on good terms as of right now. (Could change by tomorrow. lol)

Have a profitable Day.

Derek Price

Derek Price

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