Keys To Using Direct Mail Effectively In The Modern World

Whether you are a travel agency or flower shop, both small and medium-sized businesses need to market themselves to keep customers walking in the door. You’ve tried email blasts to everyone in a 50-mile radius, but profits are not moving upward. Although direct mail solutions may seem old-fashioned, advertising through email is not as effective as you may believe. With spam folders grabbing your advertising emails, potential customers click your email into the trash before it is even opened. Direct mail marketing offers true results when it is wielded properly.

Simplicity Counts

If you have ever opened your mailbox to find advertisements screaming at you with coarse text and chaotic coloring, you know what doesn’t work in direct mail marketing. Although you want your brand and service to be heard, you cannot effectively yell at prospective customers with aggressive mail and expect a positive outcome.

Keep the graphics simple with concise sentences summarizing your core services. Place your brand prominently on the advertisement’s top left or right corner as well. If a customer is truly interested in your product by reading the offered services, they will read or research further for more information. With attention spans shorter than ever, any new clients will be sparked within the first minute of reading your advertisement.

Who Is Your Audience?

If you are cultivating a new direct mail marketing plan, such as encouraging seniors to visit your flower shop, you need to use wording that injects compassion and caring into your business. In contrast, marketing to young adults requires casual slang with a modern graphic appearance to get heads to turn. In general, you want to catch your audience’s eye without offending or boring anyone. At times, marketing is a difficult task as you try to understand which direct mail solution really works for certain age groups.

Make It Functional

Marketing your real estate skills, for example, requires some ingenuity on your part. Customers may need your help in the future, but not right now. Incorporate functional items in your direct mail solutions to make potential customers think of you now and later. Provide a magnet with helpful kitchen conversions, including quantity of cups in a gallon, to keep your advertising on the refrigerator at all times.

Other smart additions could include reply cards or QR codes. With the scan of a smartphone, your advertisement can play on a customer’s phone and convince them further of your business viability.

Target Your Audience

Don’t blanket the county with flyers. Along with producing waste, you are not targeting your core customers. If you sell golf swing lessons, for instance, mail flyers to a residential complex within a golf course estate. Because potential customers live on a golf course, it is possible that every household has a golfing enthusiast. Concentrating on your audience saves you money and boosts profits at the same time.

Avoid Gimmicks

Customers have seen every trick in the book. Avoid gimmick advertisements that point out “limited savings” or “urgent response needed.” These flyers are typically dropped in the trash first. You want to keep their attention for a few minutes to get your point across. Gimmicky words and phrases turn people off.

Misspellings And Poor Grammar

In the age of texting, words are shortened or turned into acronyms. Don’t fall prey to this practice across your marketing. Use words properly without shortening their length. Ask a friend to proofread the material before you copy and mail it out. One misspelled or awkwardly positioned phrase can alert customers that you are not detail-oriented when it comes to proofing your advertisements. They may question your commitment to quality, including the service you want to provide.

Direct mail advertisements place your name and brand in front of many people. Take advantage of the exposure and write-up a well-written summary of your services. Your specialized niche may call out to particular customers, allowing you to cultivate new relationships and business opportunities.



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