How To Customize The Genesis Framework 404 Page

Is your blog running off the Genesis Framework? As you probably know by now, there is a built-in 404 page with your current theme. This page is to plain Jane and the only way for you to edit this page, it is to edit the template file which would be located in your “Genesis” folder where the Genesis Framework core files is. Even if you customize that file, when you upgrade the framework to the latest version, every change you made to the core “Genesis file” will be lost. There is an easy solution for this and the setup of your new 404 page is simple.

Just install the Genesis 404 page plugin made for the Genesis Framework members. It work’s perfectly and you can add whatever you want to your 404 page. Upload images, use HTML coding and other special effect’s to spice it up. A few days ago, I whipped up my new 404 page but will add-on to it over time to make it more useful and entertaining to people who just happen to land on this page because of a bad link.


Above is an example of the beginning of my 404 page that I created. I did add some images to it for now as I wanted to get something up other than a boring page. You can see this full-page in action at this broken link:

I still am going to add some links to other sections of the blog and maybe even other sources around the web. Might even redo the page. Either way, you need to have a good 404 page on your blog. Don’t settle for the default one or edit the default page as when you upgrade the Genesis Framework like I mentioned earlier, all changes you made to the “Genesis” folder will be lost. With this Genesis 404 plugin, your 404 page will never be removed when you upgrade WordPress and the Framework.

Here is a peak inside of the window where you can create your design or let’s say custom 404 page.


See, it’s easy to customize the page and add various links to other places on your blog or other websites online, add images or do whatever you want with the features available in your post window. When you is done with the page, hit save settings and type in an incorrect blog post URL to see the new 404 page. Poof, it’s that simple to create your page without having to edit any files and not to mention this page will never change when you upgrade your blog.

Install the free Genesis 404 page plugin today and take care of your page. Make it entertaining and useful to the visitor, you want to convince the visitor to look around the blog even though he or she might be upset that the link they clicked on didn’t work. I’ll see if I can come up with a better looking page in the future.

If you is using this plugin, share your 404 page URL in the comment section. If you is not running the Genesis Framework then your comment will not be approved. I’d love to see Peoples creation’s using this plugin.

Derek Price

Derek Price

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