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Hello my fellow blog readers or visitors who just happened to find this blog post somewhere online. Do you submit to web directories by any chance? Are you one of those people who submit to a bunch of free web directories without looking at them to see if it’s a quality Web Directory with editorial standards? I’m a fan of using both paid and free web directories but there is a catch to submitting to the free ones.

Most free web directories are on .info cheap domains in which the directory owners approve everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink. Here is a simple tip when submitting to free directories. Check their latest links and see if the titles and descriptions are well written for SEO. I’ve seen keyword stuffed titles and a whole bunch of other crap on free directories. You don’t want your site listed on a link farm that get’s you poor backlink. If you have money to invest in paid web directories who have strong editorial standards then open up your wallet or pocket-book. The investment is well worth it.

I’m a big time V7N fan and I will recommend them if you are looking for a solid quality backlink on an old and trusted Web Directory.

If you are not a member on the V7N webmaster forum then join now and maybe set up new connections besides learning new things in the SEO and Web development community. Many experts in all kinds of niche’s meet on webmaster forums to help each other out with their problems or to correct bad advice given. I’m looking forward to meeting new people on the forum and hopefully tell you something that brightens up your day. I don’t bite. :P

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Derek Price

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    Besides the link i posted in the blog post. Look in the footer on the forum. “Site Navigation” has a bunch of links and one of them is to the V7N web directory. We one or 2 sticky threads in certain sections of the forum announcing the directory. It’s a Paid Web directory only. v7n admin maintains the web directory if you have any questions about it.

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      Within 24 to 72 hours. If you have submitted to the directory and you are a member on the v7n forum. We have a section for v7n directory support. You could create a thread in there asking about the status of your submission. Sometimes this speeds up the review process much faster. We moderators do not do work on the directory itself but will try to answer questions for you. Our admin does all the directory work.

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