Do You Blog For the Money or For Other Reasons?

Blogging is the biggest thing these days and everyone is starting a blog in hopes of either making a living from it, a side income or just have other reason’s why they have started a blog. We can all say that blogging is popular and whether we want to earn money doing it or not, there is some things that all bloggers must do to make their blog stand out from the crowd.

How can you make your blog different so it either earns you money or just attracts a good visitor base is the real question.


Blogging For Money

Don’t quote me on this but I think the number 1 reason why people start a blog is to earn money. Now this isn’t the real reason why but people do start a blog and do add some type of revenue source to it. If you is going to blog about something, you might as well try to earn a few dollars to pay for your hosting bill or to save up for a custom theme with custom features later in the future. I didn’t start a blog to make money but because I just wanted to provide some resources that I think is helpful to the world and even for myself.

This blog is not a well-known blog as I don’t try to get in the spotlight or make guest blog posts on high traffic blog’s. I just research programs and write about them or blog about the latest stuff. Whether I earn money or not, this isn’t my number 1 goal in life. Although in the back of my mind I do want to make a living from blogging someday but my career job is still appealing to me. I know I can double my income by blogging if I make certain changes to how I do things but that is something I may do someday. I won’t say what my idea’s are as you might steal them before I even put them live. lol

I am starting to drool just thinking about the potential money I could make. (A man can have dreams you know)


If you start a blog thinking that writing a few blog posts with affiliate links in it or slapping up adsense or other revenue generating programs will make you a lot of money then you will fail. I have a passion for blogging about stuff and maintaining some cool lists as you can see in the menu bar above (I will update those in the coming weeks). Making money is the least of my worries on the blog but I have revenue tactic’s in place that If I stopped writing for a few weeks, I’d still earn money from blogging. Passive income is what I focus on.

Blogging For Other reason’s and not just for money

I have a few online friends who have a blogs but they didn’t create the blogs in hopes of earning money from them. These friends own online business’s and use their blogs to post company information or to give advice/news about their niche’s industry. They also want to be able to interact a little on the blog with their customers or future ones. These friends don’t even have any revenue generating stuff on their blogs. They just have links to their main company page or other company stuff on their blogs. What my friends do have is a large email list and that is how they earn their income from either their blog or from there online business. A good reputation can help you earn money just through email marketing. No need to slap up revenue features on your blog if the email list converts. They have branded their company online and that helps with people buying the stuff they sell or promote on their business website.

There are so many reason’s why people create blogs that I could create a huge list but I don’t want to eat up anymore of your time. You have to be motivated everyday when blogging and keep putting out fresh content weekly to sustain your visitor’s attention and get new traffic. The more your visitors share your content to their friends, the more chances at you picking up new subscribers without search engine traffic. There are many plugins to help pimp out your blog to make it SEO friendly, a cool design and security plugins to help cut down on the spammers who like to annoy us blog owner’s.

Blogging is not as easy as it seem’s to be because there is so much behind the scenes stuff we blog admin’s need to do or at least this is what I do. I’ll mention some things that I do daily that eats up my time.

  • delete spam comments that is pending and ban the IP’s and email address’
  • review submitted blog posts by guest bloggers and delete the ones who broke my guidelines
  • Delete and ban email address’ of automated bots who registered and people who submitted spun blog posts
  • check to see if plugins are up-to-date and search for better plugins to remove existing ones that never been updated in a few years
  • Check for broken links and remove them or the blog post. Websites close shop all the time or redo their website and the blog post no longer relates to the old design so the blog post has to go in my book
  • delete and ban members who are just robot’s who use automated programs to join blogs.
  • tweak the template files to add better features or update old theme coding (I do this weekly)
  • Check traffic stat’s to see if any SEO improvements can be made to get a blog post that was clicked on a few times that day a better ranking as people seem to like that one blog post that given day

There is a few more things I do daily or sometimes weekly on my blog that you don’t even know about. This run smoothly because I’m on my toes with the blog stuff. I am a one man show. There are days when I’m to busy to login to my blog but there are days on the weekend when I’m doing blog related stuff for 10 to 12 hour’s. Like I said, blogging is not an easy job like most people think. Writing blog posts is the easy part.

Anyone have any thoughts on this topic? I shared my opinion’s above and I would love to hear your reason’s why you started a blog.

Derek Price

Derek Price

Derek spends most of his time drinking lot's of coffee when working online and enjoys blogging about various things online.
Derek Price


My name is Derek Price and I like to blog.
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