Creating A Customer-Oriented Brand Online

Customer relations have evidently evolved to online interaction. Thanks to the Internet, there are now many ways for people to reach out to businesses and other service providers. If you are at the receiving end, use this to your advantage by establishing yourself as open and accommodating in the age of technology.

Here are ways to make your brand more customer-friendly online.

Create a user-friendly website

Your website is one of the most powerful tools that you can use in marketing. It allows you to fully manipulate your advertising tactics and it’s always the go-to venue for audience who want to learn more about your brand. It is therefore essential to make it user-friendly. This means that from the user interface to the content, everything that you put in your site should be understandable, informative, relevant, and something that is also pleasing to the eye. Avoid placing too many advertisements. Make sure it’s easy to scan with clear text, correct headings, subheadings, and bullets. It’s also a major turn on if you have a mobile compatible and fast-loading website to cater to people on the go and to save them some valuable time, which may otherwise force them to leave your page.

Make sure your contact information is updated

One of the most important pages in a website is the contact page. And providing contact details is also highly essential in other mediums that you use. From blogs to Twitter to Facebook, your audience will always want to instantly know how to reach you when they need to. Thus, keep your displayed contact details always updated. Don’t lose potential clients by providing a dead hotline. Displaying your contact information, whether phone number or email, will let your audience know that you are willing to listen to them, may it be compliments or complaints.

Provide a prompt response

What’s worse than not seeing any contact details? It’s seeing one, making use of it, and not getting any feedback out of it. A sure annoyance for customers is not being able to hear anything from you even after reaching out. Private messaging, emails, and even comments are easy ways for clients to inquire or raise concerns. Make sure that you are not only responding to them, but you are doing so at a reasonable turnaround time. Your promptness will reflect your confidence and professionalism. Internally set an SOP on how to respond to online queries. If you are still waiting for something before you can provide a detailed response, at least make an effort to acknowledge it. Then set a timeline about when you can get back to it and more importantly, make sure to deliver your promise.

Have a human voice

Interaction and engagement are good indications of just how effective you are in doing technology public relations. Part of getting your audience hooked is having a distinct tone. In the Internet, people expect to hear (or read, for that matter) a human voice that they know they can interact with. Consider the platform you are using and without losing your authority, make sure to sound as accommodating and as real as possible.

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