Building Genesis Child Themes – Where To Start

Are you a web designer who is looking for a new project or a challenge? Have you hard about the Genesis Framework and always wanted to know how to create child themes for this framework to add to your web design services? I’m a huge fan of this framework and been running this blog on it for 2 years now. You may know this because I write a lot about Studiopress on this blog.

If you have not search around there homepage for links to know the inner workings of this framework then I’ll point you into the right direction to get you started. (Note, You must be a registered member to view most of the links in this tutorial) Please take a look at this Child theme child theme to learn how to create a StudioPress child theme. If you master this framework then you can make a lot of money offering this type of service. There are plenty of StudioPress customers who want custom themes and not always wanting a theme from their theme database that’s used by many people.


Earning Potential is Huge

Did you know that Studiopress not only has a database for all the themes the StudioPress staff creates, they also have a marketplace section where any web designer can submit their Genesis Framework themes for purchase. Take a look at this community theme marketplace section. All of those themes were built by the average web designer who learned how to create themes to work only on the Genesis framework. These themes will get more than 1 purchase as this page get’s a lot of traffic and link backs. Notice the difference in design compared to the official StudioPress themes that the staff create in there theme shop. Doesn’t the non staff designs catch your eye and fit certain niche’s really well?

Like I said before, if you want to increase your earnings with web design, consider learning how to create a child theme on this framework and build up your portfolio even more bragging about your designs being listed in the StudioPress marketplace section. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to provide the support on your themes if it get’s listed in their community marketplace as you might have to tweak your official downloadable design or help with other questions pertaining to it.


Important Design Feature

Make sure your design is mobile responsive. This is what StudioPress clients like myself look for in a theme before we buy one. In the next framework update they will be adding more and more html5 features/options so think about this when you start to code the design. StudioPress is trying to add more features into their framework and built-in theme features so clients use less plugins on their blog which means the blog will function a lot faster and please the search engines with good page speed and quality coding. The theme I’m using right now has a ton of built-in theme options. I can easily create a landing page, have 5 different theme layouts and a few other option’s. These options sparked me to buy my current theme without thinking twice.

Perhaps one day I may buy your designs for future blog project’s.

Derek Price

Derek Price

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