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Did you know that Google Adsense has a feature for you to use in which will help protect your account a little better than just doing nothing at all? What I am talking about is listing websites that you have authorized to use your Adsense code on to earn money. Let me explain further.

Let’s say in the past you joined an Adsense revenue sharing website and their is no way to delete your Adsense PUB id from your profile but you really don’t want clicks counting towards your current Adsense stat’s because that website is now filled with spam and you just want to distance yourself from it. Use this Adsense feature called Unauthorized Websites.

In your account settings in your Adsense dashboard, add the website URLs that you have your Adsense code on.

Make sure you add your websites to the “site management” box as well.

This feature is very good to use. If you are being clickbombed or have a highly unusual click’s coming in and you just not sure that they legit clicks from interested humans then go to your “Unauthorized websites” section and not only double-check you enabled this, remove all URLs in that box. About 24 to 36 hours later, you’ll notice a yellow box in your dashboard when you login. See below for example:

What this means is that non of the clicks will count towards your earnings or hurt your account. People use this option if they believe they getting clickbombed or someone is doing something to get your account disabled. Leave the unauthorized websites field blank for a week or few weeks and then go back and add the URLs in that box that you removed to put your account back to normal as in earning revenue for every click. (Allow up to 36 hours for account to get back to normal). Once you make changes to this section, the Adsense bot needs to recrawl your website to acknowledge the changes.

People use this option instead of removing all their Google ad’s from their website because they will have blank space on there website if they don’t add something in its place. You can still have Adsense on your website but the clicks won’t count against you.

Google Adsense does provide some safety features to protect your account in your account settings page. If you have not spent the time to go through each setting, now is the time to do this. You just might increase your earnings or just better protect your account besides learning new things about Google Adsense that you can tell your friends about if they have some questions.

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