Adsense Tips – Enable/Disable Ad Serving & Category Features

Making money online with Google Adsense has been pretty much all the new website owners dreams or seasoned webmasters. You hear Google Adsense success stories all the time through the Google Adsense blog and well webmasters telling their story on their websites. Sometimes I don’t believe the stories I read on people’s websites but on the Google Adsense blog, I believe those as they was hand-picked by the Google Adsense team to have a story done on their success.

To get listed on the Adsense blog as being a success with Google Adsense, you need to be making good money with them. That’s the hard thing to accomplish because everyone has ad blindness after a certain period of time. To help in displaying ad’s that are relevant to the visitor, you can enable and disable certain features which will help a little. The main thing is choosing the correct settings that best fit your website or what you want. I have 2 tips to talk about for 2 different sections in your Google Adsense Dashboard. Use them or don’t use them but they important features to look at.

Ad Serving

In your dashboard, navigate to the “Allowed & Block ads” section then click on the “Ad Serving” section in the menu bar. You will get these results below.


I left everything enabled because these features helps in displaying ad’s that will hopefully entice a visitor to pay attention on and click on them. You can not force people to click on your ad’s but if you click on the question mark on each feature, you can read a little more about what it does. To be honest, I don’t know why you would want to disable any of these.

General Categories

This is a crucial section for you to enable and disable certain categories and sub-categories from displaying certain type of content on your website. Most of the websites online are niche ones centered around 1 niche so displaying ad’s about “Food & Groceries ” wouldn’t get you any click’s. The key with Google Adsense is having ad’s that are relevant to the content on that page or your websites niche. I have not updated my settings in over 6 months and will work on this later tonight. Make sure you do the same and it might take a bit of time for the changes to take effect or when the Adsense bot notices the changes.

A brief look at my settings:


You really should login and check every single setting there is in your Adsense dashboard. I’m actually going to do this tomorow. To many times like yourself, I login and see my earnings then log out.

Happy Blogging!

Derek Price

Derek Price

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