Adsense – How Much Is To Much Above The Fold?

I’m sure that you are aware of Google’s above the fold algorithm update earlier this year. This update did effect a lot of publisher’s earnings as well as their rankings. I know that the reason we use Adsense is because it’s a simple way of earning a few dollars per day or more. So you place as many ads as you can near the top of your website or let’s say above the fold. Don’t you know that you are taking the visitor’s attention away from your content? The visitor landed on your page from the search engine or by clicking on a link on another website expecting to read content and not see huge in your face ad’s above your fold.

Yes, some of the big huge websites still have lot’s of ads above there fold but they are usually the ones who get over a million plus page views per month or per week with or without a google penalty. Don’t put your rankings or account at risk with over populating your site above the fold with ad’s. Keep it simple and integrating your Adsense ads into your content can keep you safe. For example, on this blog, I have a 336 block wrapped around the text and not directly over my blog post title. I want my visitors to land on a blog post from Google and be able to read the content right away without having to scroll past huge ads at the top of the page. If the visitor likes the content on the page, he or she might actually decide to search around some more and keep reading stuff which helps lower your bounce rate. To many ads above the fold and people leaving right away cause the site looks spammy will give you a bad bounce rate for sure.

I’ll say this again, keep it simple when placing Adsense blocks or link unit’s on your website. If you own a self hosted WordPress blog than consider using the same Adsense plugin that I’m using. The plugin is called: Ad Injection and is easy to set up. I want to also share with you an old Adsense video from earlier this year that gives better advice than me. I’m not an expert but trying to keep it real.

Earlier today I found a website that is perfect for checking to see if your above the fold is loaded with ads or not.

I also want to share a video on image and text ad’s. A lot of people say image ads pays higher and text ads pay higher. Which one converts better? I’d say use both or it sorta depends on your type of website. If your website has a lot of images on it already, I’d say go with text ads to break things up and make the ad’s stick out more. Check out the video below.

One more tip to share with you. When people read blog posts, they usually read the whole thing so placing one Adsense block at the end of the blog post is a really good idea. Have 1 ad above the fold or wrapped around the text besides 1 block at the end of the blog post. You can even add one more Adsense block in your side column. These 3 placements won’t hurt you with Google’s Above the Fold algorithm change. That’s just keeping it simple with Adsense. The content is more important than the ad’s. Google will nail you if you make your ads more important then your content. Don’t over do it with the ads above your fold. The money will come in eventually.

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