A Look at Today’s Dominant Operating System

There is no doubt that electronics has changed our world, hopefully for the better. It was only a decade ago that people relied on desktop computers or even laptops to do all of their computing work. This included sending e-mails, perhaps with documents attached and even watching videos or creating videos that they would then post online. At the time, Microsoft dominated this world, with Apple being the only true competition.

Some people found that the open source operating system known as Linux also provided a lot of advantages, especially because it was free. But times have changed, and people are rapidly moving away from regular computers, in favor of sleek new smart phones and tablets which allow them to do basically the same work, but with far greater portability and some would argue with a much more satisfying user experience.

There are those that are predicting that Microsoft will begin to slide into irrelevance if they cannot come up with a new operating system for these new devices which the general public embraces. They need to generate the same fervor with which they embrace the original Microsoft operating systems on their old computers. Although Microsoft recently released Windows 8, which is supposed to work both on regular computers and laptops as well as smartphones and tablets, it will take some time to see if people find it compelling enough to actually buy those devices which use this new system.

Leveraging the Internet to Make Money

Many people have found the Internet to be an excellent place where they can start their own company online. To be successful however, it’s not all about just plain luck. It takes a fairly substantial knowledge of how the Internet works and what are the best practices that need to be employed so that one can actually have success selling on the Web. Because of this, it is often advised that people enroll in an Internet marketing course, so that they can learn all the inside tips and techniques that separate the average sales campaign from those that are truly successful. There is no easier way to fully understand the steps that must be taken to achieve ultimate success with any Web-based venture.

Are We All Going to Go Android?

As the world of smartphones and tablets continues to gain ground among users around the world, many people face a choice among the three dominant operating systems that are available. The most popular one is Google’s Android system which they license to any manufacturer willing to pay for it. With this open-source model, they have achieved almost a 75% market share around the world. Second is Apple, who doesn’t license their operating system to anyone else. Last, and for the moment least, is Microsoft, with their new Windows 8. While Apple established their initial reputation by providing a lot of interesting and inexpensive apps for their users, Google has been able to do the same, and now their users have almost the same wide variety of choices.

It remains to be seen how this battle for operating system supremacy pans out. But with Android having a commanding lead, they may be difficult to dislodge it from the top position. Microsoft is the company with the most at stake, as sales of computers start to fall away; they need an operating system solution which their users will engage in.

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