4 Reasons Why Google Fiber Could Change the Face of the Internet

Touted as the fastest Internet available, it’s not surprising that Google Fiber is getting some attention. Boasting gigabyte-per-second download and upload speeds, it’s still too soon to tell if Fiber’s bandwidth is as big as its “bite” (see what we did there?). But all fanfare aside, here are four reasons why Google Fiber could be the next Internet revolution.

1. Internet at the Speed of Life

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Fiber optics in combination with Internet service doesn’t just result in faster connection speeds, it revolutionizes everyday online activity. And the test cities of Austin, Kansas City, and Provo are already seeing just how life-changing it really is to have Internet that’s 100 times faster.

Think of all the time wasted waiting for data transfers, file downloads, or even just opening a Flash-heavy webpage. With Fiber, buffering is a thing of the past and full-length HD movies only take seconds to download. This would change the face of the Internet open the floodgates in terms of technological capacity.

2. Open Access for All

With the ability to choose any ISP through Google Fiber, both individuals and businesses have the freedom to pick the best service provider for their needs. In other words, just because Google Fiber provides the infrastructure and bandwidth, it doesn’t mean users have to go with Google’s service plan.

ISP freedom on this scale has never been seen and would be likely to change the entire infrastructure of existing service providers. And, although many ISP’s are cautiously optimistic, companies like ClearWire Internet are already working with Google in further developing this ultra-fast form of Internet.

3. The Pioneer of Price Options

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Internet bundles are one thing, but Google Fiber is on the threshold of an entirely new form of Internet pricing. There’s no way around it: Internet is expensive. But, with Google Fiber, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what the price breakdown might look like:

  • 1 Gb/s Internet bandwidth and Google TV for the monthly fee of $120
  • 1 Gb/s Internet bandwidth for the monthly fee of $70
  • 5 Mb/s download and 1 Mb/s upload speeds and a $300 one-time installation fee for free Internet service

Free Internet service is the kicker: it’s ground breaking, it changes the entire idea behind how Internet service is provided, and Google Fiber is already offering this service to the above mentioned test cities on a month-to-month basis.

4. Fiber Optics: The Next Social Revolution

Google Fiber is already researching new and improved ways to connect far-reaching locations with the rest of the Internet-savvy world. With fiber optic Internet, even the most remote locations on the planet can get online at the speed of light.

Making lightning-fast Internet affordable for even the poorest parts of the world doesn’t just change the concept of social networking, it changes the way the Internet connects the world one download at a time.

Google Fiber still has a long way to go until it becomes an all-encompassing online source. And until everyone’s Internet goes fiber optic, buffering and lengthy downloads will have to suffice just as they always have. Are you in one of Google Fiber’s test cities? Share your experience!



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