3 Important Things To Look For In A Web Host

First off, the number 1 important thing that should be on your mind before creating a website or adding more is your web host. Does your current web host have the means to offer an excellent service as your web site grows? There are 3 things that I look for in a web host if I was to look for a new one for my next project (don’t have one in mind just yet). Just going with the cheapest won’t cut it if you plan to grow your website large or plan to make money from it.

My 3 things to look for before purchasing a web hosting account are:

1. Performance

This is common sense actually. You don’t want to choose a web host that has dirt cheap packages and outdated technology. Most web hosts or in fact the good ones will brag about their latest technology and even mention the hardware/specs somewhere on their website along with their data center the servers are at. By reading this information and googling about it, you can learn if that web host is actually using the best hardware to provide hosting to their client’s. Newbiz’s web host using the latest technology and the blog has an excellent up-time with no DDOS attack’s. Those attack’s occur because of poor server security and outdated hardware/software. A good web host will have the latest software and security in place to prevent most or any of these attacks from accruing.

Investigate a web hosts technology, if they don’t list their spec’s on their website, ask for them in pre-sales email. I will go with a web host that has the latest stuff and continue’s to upgrade their hardware/security to give their clients a better hosting experience. To me, this means this web host is serious about growing their business huge and want their clients to brag about their business to their friends.

2. Security

Let’s be honest for a minute. No web host is 100% hack proof and always vulnerable to being infected by malware, virus, DDOS attacks or even hacked. All web hosts say their servers are secured and your personal account information secured from threats of hacker’s. What you need to decide is, does this current web host have the brains to handle these bad situations on the spot with a fast fix if something bad happen’s. What makes me believe a web host is secured enough is by reading there websites small details you seem to miss and by asking pre-sales question’s. Security does come down to “performance” in which I talked about earlier. Having the latest and greatest gadget’s and software installed and updated will make a web host more secured and it’s clients data secured (besides there websites on their servers).

If the web host is using an older type of server and older type of software (not updated to latest version), the clients web sites on that server have more chances at getting infected by something because of loopholes in the software. All software’s get updates each month or weekly as bugs/security threads are found. If the server admin is not on top of making sure everything is the latest and greatest version besides installing a new software that is better, the web host has more chances at losing clients because there websites will have many problem’s. Being on a bad server could make your website load really slow, time-out, infected with malware, website hacked, personal account information stolen..etc

Ask pre-sales questions if you can not find information on what type of security measures a web host is taking. Be sure to ask them to explain things easily for you. Even google that information to see if it’s good security features or not. I wouldn’t host my blogs on a poor web host that didn’t go for the latest security technique’s in protecting their servers performance and there clients information. My blogs are my babies and I don’t want a hacker to steal my stuff or even payment information.

3. Expertise – Quiz Hosting Staff

The best part about a web host is its support system. A good support system in my mind is live chat and email support. For email support, I expect a response within 24 hours from the time I first send in an email support ticket. I also expect the email ticket system to have 3 options to pick when submitting an issue or question. The options should be “urgent” “web site hacked” “pre-sales” as options when emailing the support team. I’ve seen some web hosts, the email support system looked like my contact form page on this blog. Obviously that web host didn’t want to organize themselves better and route certain ticket’s to certain people who have expert knowledge in handling those issue’s. I don’t like getting a tech support guy who replies with, I am unable to help you but will send this to the correct department. WTF, now to wait even longer. That is a turnoff.

A good web host will have certain staff handling certain types of support emails as him or her will have the knowledge to handle the issue right away to get the client up and running as soon as possible. Time is money for us web site owners so we always want our questions and website fixed yesterday. Live chat is awesome if you get an agent who knows about the web hosting business. I usually use live chat for pre-sales questions to quiz the support person to see if they actually know anything about web hosting, the cpanel features..etc. I won’t want to be at a web host if the staff is clueless and have to keep forwarding my ticket to other people for an answer. This means the web host hired the wrong staff, went cheap on outsourcing support.

Get a feel of their support system and there support staff, don’t go with a web host that has poor support, the support tech is not nice, they try to up sell you every few minutes. You know what package you want and if they can’t give you a detailed response about why you should upgrade, they need to back off. Web hosting staff do get commission’s if they up sell you to a bigger package so they tend to try to convince you to upgrade when your website isn’t big enough for that package to begin with.

Good luck in your quest to find a web host.

Derek Price

Derek Price

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