Save 20% On Host Gator Shared Web Hosting Packages

Shopping around for a new web host or just another web host to host one of your websites? As of right now, Host Gator is offering a 20% discount on all shared web hosting packages. This is a steal of a deal and don’t miss out on this discount and be stuck paying full price upon sign up.

There are 3 shared packages available that will suite your needs. I am not going to mention the details for all 3 packages but the one package that I would choose if I was to create a new web hosting account with Host Gator would be the “business plan“.


What’s the main spec’s of the business plan?

The main things in this plan that I like the most is:

  • Unlimited domains
  • Your own toll-free number
  • Free dedicated IP address
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Addon/Parked Domains
  • Anonymous FTP

If you do a Google search for Host Gator, you will find both negative and positive reviews about their services and web hosting packages that they provide. Don’t let the negative reviews discourage you from purchasing a package. Keep in mind that You and I do not know what type of website that those folks was running, their traffic stat’s, the features they provided that might have taken up a lot of server resources. I have been an off and on Host Gator client for many year’s. I don’t host all my websites on 1 web host so I use multiple web hosts that cater to my website needs.

You know what’s pretty neat about Host Gator is that you can not only purchase web hosting, you can also purchase a domain from them by visiting there domains page. Host Gator is now a one stop shop, buy a domain and web hosting from the same company.

What type of website to use with shared web hosting

To not get into trouble when using shared web hosting, typically the best type of website to host with Host Gator is either an ecommerce website, blog or a web directory. These types of websites do not eat up a lot of server resources, server space and will never get your account red flagged by Host Gator for violating any of their hosting term’s. Remember it’s shared web hosting and nothing is unlimited, there are certain limites. If you have a forum, you will need a VSP or dedicated server as a forum can tend to use up a lot of server resources and requires special treatment as they can grow huge and grow huge quickly.

Have a profitable day.

Derek Price

Derek Price

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Derek Price


My name is Derek Price and I like to blog.
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